Alejandro Linares-Barranco
Alejandro Linares-Barranco
Professor at University of Seville. Robotic and Tech. of Computers Lab. Spain
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Citat de
CAVIAR: A 45k neuron, 5M synapse, 12G connects/s AER hardware sensory–processing–learning–actuating system for high-speed visual object recognition and tracking
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Multicasting mesh AER: A scalable assembly approach for reconfigurable neuromorphic structured AER systems. Application to ConvNets
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A 5 Meps $100 USB2. 0 address-event monitor-sequencer interface
R Berner, T Delbruck, A Civit-Balcells, A Linares-Barranco
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COVID-XNet: A custom deep learning system to diagnose and locate COVID-19 in chest X-ray images
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A neuro-inspired spike-based PID motor controller for multi-motor robots with low cost FPGAs
A Jimenez-Fernandez, G Jimenez-Moreno, A Linares-Barranco, ...
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On algorithmic rate-coded AER generation
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Wireless sensor network for wildlife tracking and behavior classification of animals in Doñana
JP Dominguez-Morales, A Rios-Navarro, M Dominguez-Morales, ...
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An eLearning standard approach for supporting PBL in computer engineering
R Garcia-Robles, F Diaz-del-Rio, S Vicente-Diaz, A Linares-Barranco
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PROMETEO: A CNN-based computer-aided diagnosis system for WSI prostate cancer detection
L Duran-Lopez, JP Dominguez-Morales, AF Conde-Martin, ...
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Embedded neural network for real-time animal behavior classification
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Neuro-inspired spike-based motion: From dynamic vision sensor to robot motor open-loop control through spike-VITE
F Perez-Peña, A Morgado-Estevez, A Linares-Barranco, ...
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AER tools for communications and debugging
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A USB3. 0 FPGA event-based filtering and tracking framework for dynamic vision sensors
A Linares-Barranco, F Gómez-Rodríguez, V Villanueva, L Longinotti, ...
2015 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 2417-2420, 2015
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