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Silsesquioxane-based hybrid nanocomposites with methacrylate units containing titania and/or silver nanoparticles as antibacterial/antifungal coatings for monumental stones
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Protective coatings based on silsesquioxane nanocomposite films for building limestones
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Improving the uncommon (110) growing orientation of Al-doped ZnO thin films through sequential pulsed laser deposition
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Photochemical aspects in anthracene-containing cationic polyurethanes
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Hierarchically structured polymer blends based on silsesquioxane hybrid nanocomposites with quaternary ammonium units for antimicrobial coatings
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Materials Chemistry and Physics 134 (1), 190-199, 2012
Analysis and structural characterization of pigments and materials used in Nicolae Grigorescu heritage paintings
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Assessment of siloxane-based polymeric matrices as water repellent coatings for stone monuments
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Synthesis of polyurethane cationomers with anil groups: intramolecular proton transfer in salicylideneanil structures
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Silsesquioxane-based hybrid nanocomposites of polymethacrylate type with self-assembling properties
B Simionescu, M Olaru, M Aflori, EC Buruiana, C Cotofana
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Photobase‐generating new polyurethanes with oxime–urethane groups in the main chain
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Hard dental tissues regeneration—Approaches and challenges
M Olaru, L Sachelarie, G Calin
Materials 14 (10), 2558, 2021
Effects of chemical structure and chain end groups on the thermal stability of new silsesquioxanes with methacrylate and/or vinyl units
BC Simionescu, IE Bordianu, N Tudorachi, C Cotofana, L Ursu, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 139 (2-3), 719-733, 2013
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