Carlo Ingrao
Carlo Ingrao
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Kore University of Enna, Italy
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Energy and environmental assessment of industrial hemp for building applications: A review
C Ingrao, AL Giudice, J Bacenetti, C Tricase, G Dotelli, M Fiala, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 51, 29-42, 2015
How can life cycle thinking support sustainability of buildings? Investigating life cycle assessment applications for energy efficiency and environmental performance
C Ingrao, A Messineo, R Beltramo, T Yigitcanlar, G Ioppolo
Journal of cleaner production 201, 556-569, 2018
Environmental assessment of a multilayer polymer bag for food packaging and preservation: An LCA approach
V Siracusa, C Ingrao, AL Giudice, C Mbohwa, M Dalla Rosa
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Food waste recovery into energy in a circular economy perspective: A comprehensive review of aspects related to plant operation and environmental assessment
C Ingrao, N Faccilongo, L Di Gioia, A Messineo
Journal of Cleaner Production 184, 869-892, 2018
Polylactic acid trays for fresh-food packaging: A Carbon Footprint assessment
C Ingrao, C Tricase, A Cholewa-Wójcik, A Kawecka, R Rana, V Siracusa
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Life cycle assessment for highlighting environmental hotspots in Sicilian peach production systems
C Ingrao, A Matarazzo, C Tricase, MT Clasadonte, D Huisingh
Journal of Cleaner Production 92, 109-120, 2015
Recycled-PET fibre based panels for building thermal insulation: Environmental impact and improvement potential assessment for a greener production
C Ingrao, AL Giudice, C Tricase, R Rana, C Mbohwa, V Siracusa
Science of the Total Environment 493, 914-929, 2014
A comparative Life Cycle Assessment of external wall-compositions for cleaner construction solutions in buildings
C Ingrao, F Scrucca, C Tricase, F Asdrubali
Journal of Cleaner Production 124, 283-298, 2016
Agricultural and forest biomass for food, materials and energy: bio-economy as the cornerstone to cleaner production and more sustainable consumption patterns for accelerating …
C Ingrao, J Bacenetti, A Bezama, V Blok, J Geldermann, P Goglio, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 117, 4-6, 2016
The potential roles of bio-economy in the transition to equitable, sustainable, post fossil-carbon societies: Findings from this virtual special issue
C Ingrao, J Bacenetti, A Bezama, V Blok, P Goglio, EG Koukios, M Lindner, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 204, 471-488, 2018
Assessment of biowaste losses through unsound waste management practices in rural areas and the role of home composting
FC Mihai, C Ingrao
Journal of Cleaner Production 172, 1631-1638, 2018
Application of water footprint to olive growing systems in the Apulia region: a comparative assessment
G Pellegrini, C Ingrao, S Camposeo, C Tricase, F Conto, D Huisingh
Journal of Cleaner Production 112, 2407-2418, 2016
A review on recent advancements in performance enhancement techniques for low-temperature solar collectors
S Gorjian, H Ebadi, F Calise, A Shukla, C Ingrao
Energy Conversion and Management 222, 113246, 2020
A comparative Life Cycle Assessment between organic and conventional barley cultivation for sustainable agriculture pathways
C Tricase, E Lamonaca, C Ingrao, J Bacenetti, AL Giudice
Journal of Cleaner Production 172, 3747-3759, 2018
An attributional Life Cycle Assessment application experience to highlight environmental hotspots in the production of foamy polylactic acid trays for fresh-food packaging usage
C Ingrao, M Gigli, V Siracusa
Journal of Cleaner Production 150, 93-103, 2017
Foamy polystyrene trays for fresh-meat packaging: Life-cycle inventory data collection and environmental impact assessment
C Ingrao, AL Giudice, J Bacenetti, AM Khaneghah, AS Sant’Ana, R Rana, ...
Food Research International 76, 418-426, 2015
Investigating energy and environmental issues of agro-biogas derived energy systems: A comprehensive review of Life Cycle Assessments
C Ingrao, J Bacenetti, J Adamczyk, V Ferrante, A Messineo, D Huisingh
Renewable Energy 136, 296-307, 2019
The use of basalt aggregates in the production of concrete for the prefabrication industry: environmental impact assessment, interpretation and improvement
C Ingrao, AL Giudice, C Tricase, C Mbohwa, R Rana
Journal of Cleaner Production 75, 195-204, 2014
Beyond the Water Footprint: A new framework proposal to assess freshwater environmental impact and consumption
D Lovarelli, C Ingrao, M Fiala, J Bacenetti
Journal of cleaner production 172, 4189-4199, 2018
An energy and carbon footprint assessment upon the usage of hemp-lime concrete and recycled-PET façades for office facilities in France and Italy
C Maalouf, C Ingrao, F Scrucca, T Moussa, A Bourdot, C Tricase, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 170, 1640-1653, 2018
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