Luiza Buimaga-Iarinca
Luiza Buimaga-Iarinca
Researcher at INCDTIM
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Citat de
Adsorption of small aromatic molecules on gold: a DFT localized basis set study including van der Waals effects
L Buimaga-Iarinca, C Morari
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 133, 1-11, 2014
Investigation on series of length of coding and non-coding DNA sequences of bacteria using multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis.
C Stan, CM Teodora, BL Iarinca, CP Cristescu
Journal of theoretical biology, 2013
Detrended fluctuation analysis of autoregressive processes
VV Morariu, L Buimaga-Iarinca, C Vamoș, ȘM Șoltuz
Fluctuation and Noise Letters 7 (03), L249-L255, 2007
Adsorption mechanisms of L-Glutathione on Au and controlled nano-patterning through Dip Pen Nanolithography
A Calborean, F Martin, D Marconi, R Turcu, IE Kacso, L Buimaga-Iarinca, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 57, 171-180, 2015
Effect of Conformational Symmetry upon the Formation of Cysteine Clusters on the Au (110)-(1Ś 1) Surface: A First-Principles Study
L Buimaga-Iarinca, C Morari
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (39), 20351-20360, 2013
Adsorption of cysteine clusters on Au (110)−(1Ś 1) surface: a DFT study
L Buimaga-Iarinca, C Morari
RSC advances 3 (15), 5036-5044, 2013
Pyrazinacenes exhibit on-surface oxidation-state-dependent conformational and self-assembly behaviours
D Miklík, S Fatemeh Mousavi, Z Burečová, A Middleton, Y Matsushita, ...
Communications Chemistry 4 (1), 29, 2021
Translation of metal-phthalocyanines adsorbed on Au (111): from van der Waals interaction to strong electronic correlation
L Buimaga-Iarinca, C Morari
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 12728, 2018
Electronic structure of the ll-cysteine dimers adsorbed on Au (111): a density functional theory study
L Buimaga-Iarinca, A Calborean
Physica Scripta 86 (3), 035707, 2012
Observation of Josephson harmonics in tunnel junctions
D Willsch, D Rieger, P Winkel, M Willsch, C Dickel, J Krause, Y Ando, ...
Nature Physics, 1-7, 2024
NMR study and computational assays of meclofenamic Na salt and β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex
M Bogdan, CG Floare, L Buimaga-Iarinca, C Morari, A Pirnau
Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry 85, 111-120, 2016
DFT simulation of vibrational properties of adenine adsorbed on gold surface: The effect of periodic boundary conditions
A Calborean, L Buimaga-Iarinca
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 993, 106-112, 2012
DFT charge transfer of hybrid molecular ferrocene/Si structures
A Calborean, L Buimaga-Iarinca, F Graur
Physica Scripta 90 (5), 055803, 2015
Subpicosecond surface dynamics in genomic DNA from in vitro-grown plant species: a SERS assessment
CM Muntean, I Bratu, N Leopold, C Morari, L Buimaga-Iarinca, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (33), 21323-21330, 2015
Charge and spin transport in single and packed ruthenium-terpyridine molecular devices: Insight from first-principles calculations
C Morari, L Buimaga-Iarinca, I Rungger, S Sanvito, S Melinte, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 31856, 2016
DFT study of the trioxotriangulene derivatives in bulk state
L Buimaga-Iarinca, CG Floare, C Morari
Chemical Physics Letters 598, 48-52, 2014
DFT investigation of the vibrational properties of GC Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen base pairs in the presence of Mg2+, Ca2+, and Cu2+ ions
C Morari, CM Muntean, C Tripon, L Buimaga-Iarinca, A Calborean
Journal of molecular modeling 20, 1-7, 2014
Autoregressive modeling of coding sequence lengths in bacterial genome
VV Morariu, L Buimaga-Iarinca
Fluctuation and Noise Letters 9 (01), 47-59, 2010
DFT study on cysteine adsorption mechanism on Au (111) and Au (110)
L Buimaga-Iarinca, CG Floare, A Calborean, I Turcu
AIP Conference Proceedings 1565 (1), 29-33, 2013
DFT study of cysteine adsorbtion on gold defect surfaces
L Buimaga-Iarinca, N Tosa
AIP Conference Proceedings 1425 (1), 22-25, 2012
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