Scott B. Rothbart
Scott B. Rothbart
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Interpreting the language of histone and DNA modifications
SB Rothbart, BD Strahl
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1839 (8), 627-643, 2014
Association of UHRF1 with methylated H3K9 directs the maintenance of DNA methylation
SB Rothbart, K Krajewski, N Nady, W Tempel, S Xue, AI Badeaux, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 19 (11), 1155-1160, 2012
An H3K36 methylation-engaging Tudor motif of polycomb-like proteins mediates PRC2 complex targeting
L Cai, SB Rothbart, R Lu, B Xu, WY Chen, A Tripathy, S Rockowitz, ...
Molecular cell 49 (3), 571-582, 2013
Structural basis for DNMT3A-mediated de novo DNA methylation
ZM Zhang, R Lu, P Wang, Y Yu, D Chen, L Gao, S Liu, D Ji, SB Rothbart, ...
Nature 554 (7692), 387-391, 2018
Multivalent histone engagement by the linked tandem Tudor and PHD domains of UHRF1 is required for the epigenetic inheritance of DNA methylation
SB Rothbart, BM Dickson, MS Ong, K Krajewski, S Houliston, DB Kireev, ...
Genes & development 27 (11), 1288-1298, 2013
A DNA methylation reader complex that enhances gene transcription
CJ Harris, M Scheibe, SP Wongpalee, W Liu, EM Cornett, RM Vaughan, ...
Science 362 (6419), 1182-1186, 2018
A histone methylation network regulates transgenerational epigenetic memory in C. elegans
EL Greer, SE Beese-Sims, E Brookes, R Spadafora, Y Zhu, SB Rothbart, ...
Cell reports 7 (1), 113-126, 2014
Therapeutics by cytotoxic metabolite accumulation: pemetrexed causes ZMP accumulation, AMPK activation, and mammalian target of rapamycin inhibition
AC Racanelli, SB Rothbart, CL Heyer, RG Moran
Cancer research 69 (13), 5467-5474, 2009
An interactive database for the assessment of histone antibody specificity
SB Rothbart, BM Dickson, JR Raab, AT Grzybowski, K Krajewski, AH Guo, ...
Molecular cell 59 (3), 502-511, 2015
The histone-H3K4-specific demethylase KDM5B binds to its substrate and product through distinct PHD fingers
BJ Klein, L Piao, Y Xi, H Rincon-Arano, SB Rothbart, D Peng, H Wen, ...
Cell reports 6 (2), 325-335, 2014
Neuronal stress pathway mediating a histone methyl/phospho switch is required for herpes simplex virus reactivation
AR Cliffe, JH Arbuckle, JL Vogel, MJ Geden, SB Rothbart, CL Cusack, ...
Cell host & microbe 18 (6), 649-658, 2015
Hemi-methylated DNA regulates DNA methylation inheritance through allosteric activation of H3 ubiquitylation by UHRF1
JS Harrison, EM Cornett, D Goldfarb, PA DaRosa, ZM Li, F Yan, ...
Elife 5, e17101, 2016
Pemetrexed indirectly activates the metabolic kinase AMPK in human carcinomas
SB Rothbart, AC Racanelli, RG Moran
Cancer research 70 (24), 10299-10309, 2010
Examining the roles of H3K4 methylation states with systematically characterized antibodies
RN Shah, AT Grzybowski, EM Cornett, AL Johnstone, BM Dickson, ...
Molecular cell 72 (1), 162-177. e7, 2018
An allosteric interaction links USP7 to deubiquitination and chromatin targeting of UHRF1
ZM Zhang, SB Rothbart, DF Allison, Q Cai, JS Harrison, L Li, Y Wang, ...
Cell reports 12 (9), 1400-1406, 2015
Histone H3. 3 phosphorylation amplifies stimulation-induced transcription
A Armache, S Yang, A Martinez de Paz, LE Robbins, C Durmaz, ...
Nature 583 (7818), 852-857, 2020
Tandem PHD fingers of MORF/MOZ acetyltransferases display selectivity for acetylated histone H3 and are required for the association with chromatin
M Ali, K Yan, ME Lalonde, C Degerny, SB Rothbart, BD Strahl, J Côté, ...
Journal of molecular biology 424 (5), 328-338, 2012
Molecular basis for chromatin binding and regulation of MLL5
M Ali, H Rincón-Arano, W Zhao, SB Rothbart, Q Tong, SM Parkhurst, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (28), 11296-11301, 2013
Defining UHRF1 domains that support maintenance of human colon cancer DNA methylation and oncogenic properties
X Kong, J Chen, W Xie, SM Brown, Y Cai, K Wu, D Fan, Y Nie, ...
Cancer Cell 35 (4), 633-648. e7, 2019
AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) control of mTORC1 is p53-and TSC2-independent in pemetrexed-treated carcinoma cells
S Agarwal, CM Bell, SB Rothbart, RG Moran
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (46), 27473-27486, 2015
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