Michael Rietveld
Michael Rietveld
Senior Scientist, EISCAT Scientific Association, Tromsø, Norway
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Citat de
Introduction to ionospheric heating at Tromsø—I. Experimental overview
MT Rietveld, H Kohl, H Kopka, P Stubbe
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Polar mesosphere summer echoes observed with the EISCAT 933-MHz radar and the CUPRI 46.9-MHz radar, their similarity to 224-MHz radar echoes, and their relation to turbulence …
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New capabilities of the upgraded EISCAT high‐power HF facility
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Past, present and future of active radio frequency experiments in space
AV Streltsov, JJ Berthelier, AA Chernyshov, VL Frolov, F Honary, ...
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First observations of the PMSE overshoot effect and its use for investigating the conditions in the summer mesosphere
O Havnes, C La Hoz, LI Næsheim, MT Rietveld
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High‐latitude pump‐induced optical emissions for frequencies close to the third electron gyro‐harmonic
MJ Kosch, MT Rietveld, AJ Kavanagh, C Davis, TK Yeoman, F Honary, ...
Geophysical research letters 29 (23), 27-1-27-4, 2002
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