Cristi Marcel Spulbar
Cristi Marcel Spulbar
Professor, University of Craiova, Faculty of Economy and Business Administration, Finance Department
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How COVID-19 has shaken the sharing economy? An analysis using Google trends data
M Batool, H Ghulam, M Azmat Hayat, MZ Naeem, A Ejaz, ZA Imran, ...
Economic Research-Ekonomska IstraŸivanja 34 (1), 2374-2386, 2021
Are we ready for the challenge of Banks 4.0? Designing a roadmap for banking systems in Industry 4.0
A Mehdiabadi, M Tabatabeinasab, C Spulbar, A Karbassi Yazdi, R Birau
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An examination of banks’ cost efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe
M Nițoi, C Spulbar
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The impact of online reviews on e-commerce sales in India: a case study
MS Ullal, C Spulbar, IT Hawaldar, V Popescu, R Birau
Economic Research-Ekonomska IstraŸivanja, 1-17, 2021
Ranking of sustainable medical tourism destinations in Iran: an integrated approach using fuzzy SWARA-PROMETHEE
P Ghasemi, A Mehdiabadi, C Spulbar, R Birau
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Forecasting stock market prices using mixed ARIMA model: A case study of Indian pharmaceutical companies
BK Meher, IT Hawaldar, CM Spulbar, FR Birau
Investment Management and Financial Innovations 18 (1), 42-54, 2021
The impact of digital banking on the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India: a case study
BK Meher, IT Hawaldar, L Mohapatra, CM Spulbar, FR Birau, C Rebegea
Business: Theory and Practice 22 (1), 18-28, 2021
Investigating abnormal volatility transmission patterns between emerging and developed stock markets: A case study
C Spulbar, J Trivedi, R Birau
Journal of Business Economics and Management 21 (6), 1561-1592, 2020
Financial nexus: Efficiency and soundness in banking and capital markets
B Dima, MS Dincă, C Spulbăr
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Investigating the causal linkages among inflation, interest rate, and economic growth in Pakistan under the influence of COVID-19 pandemic: A wavelet transformation approach
MA Hayat, H Ghulam, M Batool, MZ Naeem, A Ejaz, C Spulbar, R Birau
Journal of Risk and Financial Management 14 (6), 277, 2021
The effects of environment, society and governance scores on investment returns and stock market volatility
BK Meher, IT Hawaldar, L Mohapatra, CM Spulbar, FR Birau
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Emerging research on monetary policy, banking, and financial markets
C Spulbar, R Birau
IGI Global, 2019
Measuring the impact of governance quality on stock market performance in developed countries
Z Ali Imran, A Ejaz, C Spulbar, R Birau, PS Rao Nethravathi
Economic research-Ekonomska istraŸivanja 33 (1), 3406-3426, 2020
Trapping fake discounts as drivers of real revenues and their impact on consumer’s behavior in India: A case study
IT Hawaldar, MS Ullal, FR Birau, CM Spulbar
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Monetary policy analysis in Romania: A Bayesian VAR approach
C Spulbăr, M Nițoi, C Stanciu
African Journal of Business Management 6 (36), 9957-9968, 2012
An investigation of the link between major shareholders’ behavior and corporate governance performance before and after the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study of the companies …
R Pourmansouri, A Mehdiabadi, V Shahabi, C Spulbar, R Birau
Journal of Risk and Financial Management 15 (5), 208, 2022
Business intelligence appraisal based on customer behaviour profile by using hobby based opinion mining in India: a case study
R Nethravathi, P Sathyanarayana, G Vidya Bai, C Spulbar, M Suhan, ...
Economic research-Ekonomska istraŸivanja 33 (1), 1889-1908, 2020
Sustainable investing based on momentum strategies in emerging stock markets: A case study for Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) of India
C Spulbar, A Ejaz, R Birau, J Trivedi
Scientific Annals of Economics and Business 66 (3), 351–361-351–361, 2019
Social exclusion and labor market integration of people with disabilities. A case study for Romania
FR Birau, DE Dănăcică, CM Spulbar
Sustainability 11 (18), 5014, 2019
Investigating Industry 5.0 and its impact on the banking industry: Requirements, approaches and communications
A Mehdiabadi, V Shahabi, S Shamsinejad, M Amiri, C Spulbar, R Birau
Applied Sciences 12 (10), 5126, 2022
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