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Role of microRNA in endothelial dysfunction and hypertension
M Nemecz, N Alexandru, G Tanko, A Georgescu
Current hypertension reports 18, 1-21, 2016
Vascular complications in diabetes: Microparticles and microparticle associated microRNAs as active players
N Alexandru, E Badila, E Weiss, D Cochior, E Stêpień, A Georgescu
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 472 (1), 1-10, 2016
The distinct effects of palmitic and oleic acid on pancreatic beta cell function: the elucidation of associated mechanisms and effector molecules
M Nemecz, A Constantin, M Dumitrescu, N Alexandru, A Filippi, G Tanko, ...
Frontiers in pharmacology 9, 1554, 2019
Circulating microparticles and endothelial progenitor cells in atherosclerosis: pharmacological effects of irbesartan
A Georgescu, N Alexandru, E Andrei, I Titorencu, E Dragan, C Tarziu, ...
Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 10 (4), 680-691, 2012
Platelet dysfunction in vascular pathologies and how can it be treated
N Alexandru, D Popov, A Georgescu
Thrombosis research 129 (2), 116-126, 2012
Dysfunction of human subcutaneous fat arterioles in obesity alone or obesity associated with Type 2 diabetes
A Georgescu, D Popov, A Constantin, M Nemecz, N Alexandru, D Cochior, ...
Clinical science 120 (10), 463-472, 2011
Effect of homocysteine on calcium mobilization and platelet function in type 2 diabetes mellitus
N Alexandru, I Jardín, D Popov, M Simionescu, J García‐Estañ, ...
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 12 (6b), 2586-2597, 2008
Effects of transplanted circulating endothelial progenitor cells and platelet microparticles in atherosclerosis development
A Georgescu, N Alexandru, E Andrei, E Dragan, D Cochior, S Dias
Biology of the Cell 108 (8), 219-243, 2016
Chronic venous insufficiency is associated with elevated level of circulating microparticles
A Georgescu, N Alexandru, D Popov, M Amuzescu, E Andrei, C Zamfir, ...
Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 7 (9), 1566-1575, 2009
The promise of EPC-based therapies on vascular dysfunction in diabetes
A Georgescu, N Alexandru, A Constantinescu, I Titorencu, D Popov
European journal of pharmacology 669 (1-3), 1-6, 2011
Interaction of platelets with endothelial progenitor cells in the experimental atherosclerosis: Role of transplanted endothelial progenitor cells and platelet microparticles
N Alexandru, E Andrei, E Dragan, A Georgescu
Biology of the cell 107 (6), 189-204, 2015
Platelet activation in hypertension associated with hypercholesterolemia: effects of irbesartan
N Alexandru, D Popov, E Dragan, E Andrei, A Georgescu
Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 9 (1), 173-184, 2011
Carbonylation of platelet proteins occurs as consequence of oxidative stress and thrombin activation, and is stimulated by ageing and type 2 diabetes
N Alexandru, A Constantin, D Popov
Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine 46 (4), 528-536, 2008
Circulating endothelial progenitor cell and platelet microparticle impact on platelet activation in hypertension associated with hypercholesterolemia
N Alexandru, D Popov, E Dragan, E Andrei, A Georgescu
PLoS One 8 (1), e52058, 2013
Irbesartan administration therapeutically influences circulating endothelial progenitor cell and microparticle mobilization by involvement of pro-inflammatory cytokines
A Georgescu, N Alexandru, M Nemecz, I Titorencu, D Popov
European journal of pharmacology 711 (1-3), 27-35, 2013
Intravenous administration of allogenic cell-derived microvesicles of healthy origins defends against atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease development by a direct action on …
N Alexandru, E Andrei, F Safciuc, E Dragan, AM Balahura, E Badila, ...
Cells 9 (2), 423, 2020
Hypertension associated with hyperlipidemia induced different microRNA expression profiles in plasma, platelets, and platelet-derived microvesicles; effects of endothelial …
N Alexandru, A Constantin, M Nemecz, IK Comarița, A Vîlcu, A Procopciuc, ...
Frontiers in Medicine 6, 280, 2019
Microparticles of healthy origins improve endothelial progenitor cell dysfunction via micro RNA transfer in an atherosclerotic hamster model
N Alexandru, E Andrei, L Niculescu, E Dragan, V Ristoiu, A Georgescu
Acta Physiologica 221 (4), 230-249, 2017
Microparticles: from biogenesis to biomarkers and diagnostic tools in cardiovascular disease
N Alexandru, A Costa, A Constantin, D Cochior, A Georgescu
Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy 12 (2), 89-102, 2017
Diabetes-induced early molecular and functional changes in aortic heart valves in a murine model of atherosclerosis
MM Tucureanu, A Filippi, N Alexandru, C Ana Constantinescu, L Ciortan, ...
Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research 16 (6), 562-576, 2019
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