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Morphology, electromagnetic properties and electromagnetic interference shielding performance of poly lactide/graphene nanoplatelet nanocomposites
S Kashi, RK Gupta, T Baum, N Kao, SN Bhattacharya
Materials & Design 95, 119-126, 2016
Dielectric properties and electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of graphene-based biodegradable nanocomposites
S Kashi, RK Gupta, T Baum, N Kao, SN Bhattacharya
Materials & Design 109, 68-78, 2016
Recent progress in recycling carbon fibre reinforced composites and dry carbon fibre wastes
E Pakdel, S Kashi, R Varley, X Wang
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 166, 105340, 2021
Advances in photocatalytic self-cleaning, superhydrophobic and electromagnetic interference shielding textile treatments
E Pakdel, J Wang, S Kashi, L Sun, X Wang
Advances in colloid and interface science 277, 102116, 2020
Mechanical, thermal, and morphological behavior of silicone rubber during accelerated aging
S Kashi, R Varley, M De Souza, S Al-Assafi, A Di Pietro, C De Lavigne, ...
Polymer-plastics technology and engineering 57 (16), 1687-1696, 2018
Influence of graphene nanoplatelet incorporation and dispersion state on thermal, mechanical and electrical properties of biodegradable matrices
S Kashi, RK Gupta, N Kao, SA Hadigheh, SN Bhattacharya
Journal of materials science & technology 34 (6), 1026-1034, 2018
Phase transition and anomalous rheological behaviour of polylactide/graphene nanocomposites
S Kashi, RK Gupta, T Baum, N Kao, SN Bhattacharya
Composites Part B: Engineering 135, 25-34, 2018
Functional cotton fabric using hollow glass microspheres: Focus on thermal insulation, flame retardancy, UV-protection and acoustic performance
E Pakdel, M Naebe, S Kashi, Z Cai, W Xie, ACY Yuen, M Montazer, L Sun, ...
Progress in Organic Coatings 141, 105553, 2020
Application of a mixture design to identify the effects of substrates ratios and interactions on anaerobic co-digestion of municipal sludge, grease trap waste, and meat …
S Kashi, B Satari, M Lundin, IS Horvath, M Othman
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5 (6), 6156-6164, 2017
Optimisation of CFRP composite recycling process based on energy consumption, kinetic behaviour and thermal degradation mechanism of recycled carbon fibre
SA Hadigheh, Y Wei, S Kashi
Journal of Cleaner Production 292, 125994, 2021
Effectiveness of vacuum consolidation in bonding fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites onto concrete surfaces
SA Hadigheh, S Kashi
Construction and Building Materials 187, 854-864, 2018
Microwave Attenuation of Graphene Modified Thermoplastic Poly(Butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) Nanocomposites
S Kashi, SA Hadigheh, R Varley
Polymers 10 (6), 582, 2018
Electrical, thermal, and viscoelastic properties of graphene nanoplatelet/poly (butylene adipate‐co‐terephthalate) biodegradable nanocomposites
S Kashi, RK Gupta, N Kao, SN Bhattacharya
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 133 (27), 2016
Viscoelastic properties and physical gelation of poly (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)/graphene nanoplatelet nanocomposites at elevated temperatures
S Kashi, RK Gupta, N Kao, SN Bhattacharya
Polymer 101, 347-357, 2016
Experimental and simulation study of effect of thickness on performance of (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) and poly lactide nanocomposites incorporated with graphene as …
S Kashi, RK Gupta, SN Bhattacharya, RJ Varley
Composites Science and Technology 195, 108186, 2020
3D acid diffusion model for FRP-strengthened reinforced concrete structures: Long-term durability prediction
SA Hadigheh, F Ke, S Kashi
Construction and Building Materials 261, 120548, 2020
Carbon fibre waste recycling into hybrid nonwovens for electromagnetic interference shielding and sound absorption
E Pakdel, S Kashi, T Baum, KAS Usman, JM Razal, R Varley, X Wang
Journal of Cleaner Production 315, 128196, 2021
Understanding the effects of in-service temperature and functional fluid on the ageing of silicone rubber
S Kashi, M De Souza, S Al-Assafi, R Varley
Polymers 11 (3), 388, 2019
Superhydrophobic natural melanin-coated cotton with excellent UV protection and personal thermal management functionality
E Pakdel, W Xie, J Wang, S Kashi, J Sharp, Q Zhang, RJ Varley, L Sun, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 433, 133688, 2022
Graphene Nanoplatelet-based Nanocomposites: Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Properties and Rheology
S Kashi
RMIT University, 2017
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