Adib Kalantar Mehrjerdi
Adib Kalantar Mehrjerdi
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Dry fermentation of manure with straw in continuous plug flow reactor: Reactor development and process stability at different loading rates
RJ Patinvoh, AK Mehrjerdi, IS Horváth, MJ Taherzadeh
Bioresource Technology 224, 197-205, 2017
Mechanical and thermo‐physical properties of high‐density polyethylene modified with talc
AK Mehrjerdi, B Adl‐Zarrabi, SW Cho, M Skrifvars
Journal of applied polymer science 129 (4), 2128-2138, 2013
Mechanical and viscoelastic properties of soybean oil thermoset reinforced with jute fabrics and carded lyocell fiber
K Adekunle, C Patzelt, A Kalantar, M Skrifvars
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 122 (5), 2855-2863, 2011
'Disappearing Sensor'-Textile Based Sensor for Monitoring Breathing
L Guo, L Berglin, YJ Li, H Mattila, AK Mehrjerdi, M Skrifvars
2011 International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems Engineering …, 2011
Knitted wearable stretch sensor for breathing monitoring application
L Guo, J Peterson, W Qureshi, A Kalantar Mehrjerdi, M Skrifvars, L Berglin
Ambience'11, Borås, Sweden, 2011, 2011
Effects of a titanate coupling agent on the mechanical and thermo‐physical properties of talc‐reinforced polyethylene compounds
AK Mehrjerdi, BA Mengistu, D Åkesson, M Skrifvars
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 131 (13), 2014
Glass fibres recovered by microwave pyrolysis as a reinforcement for polypropylene
D Åkesson, R Krishnamoorthi, Z Foltynowicz, J Christέen, A Kalantar, ...
Polymers and Polymer Composites 21 (6), 333-340, 2013
Investigation of Steady-State Heat Extraction Rates for Different Borehole Heat Exchanger Configurations from the Aspect of Implementation of New TurboCollector™ Pipe System …
T Kurevija, A Kalantar, M Maceniæ, J Hraniæ
Energies 12 (8), 1504, 2019
Melt rheology and extrudate swell properties of talc filled polyethylene compounds
AK Mehrjerdi, T Bashir, M Skrifvars
Heliyon 6 (5), e04060, 2020
Influence of talc fillers on bimodal polyethylene composites for ground heat exchangers
A Kalantar Mehrjerdi, D Åkesson, M Skrifvars
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 137 (42), 49290, 2020
Influence of different organic solvents and oxidants on insulating and film-forming properties of PEDOT polymer
T Bashir, F Bakare, B Baghaei, AK Mehrjerdi, M Skrifvars
Iranian polymer journal 22 (8), 599-611, 2013
A Critical Review on the Use of Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems for Heating and Cooling Purposes
AA Ahmed, M Assadi, A Kalantar, T Sliwa, A Sapińska-Šliwa
Energies 15 (12), 4281, 2022
Development of polyolefin compound and post-polymerization treatments for ground heat exchangers
A Kalantar Mehrjerdi, S Naudin, M Skrifvars
International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, 2017
Geothermal pipe collector
US Patent App. 14/762,020, 2015
Thermally Conductive High-Density Polyethylene Composites for Ground Heat Exchangers
AK Mehrjerdi
University of Borås, 2020
Thermally Conductive High-Density Polyethylene Composites for Ground Heat Exchangers
A Kalantar Mehrjerdi
Högskolan i Borås, 2020
Melt Flow and Rheological Properties of Talc-Polyethylene Compounds
A Kalantar Mehrjerdi, M Skrifvars, B Tariq
Euro fillers and polymer blends 2015, 2015
Mechanical and thermo-physical properties of high-density polyethylene modified with talc
A Kalantar Mehrjerdi, B Adl-Zarrabi, SW Cho, M Skrifvars
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 129 (4), 2128-2138, 2013
Mechanical and morphological properties of talc filled high density polyethylene
A Kalantar Mehrjerdi, M Skrifvars
6th International Conference on Composites Testing and Model Identification …, 2013
Mechanical and thermophysical characterization of high density polyethylene composites reinforced with talk particles
M Skrifvars, A Kalantar
14th IUPAC International Symposium on MacroMolecular Complexes-MMC-14 …, 2011
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