Alexander Kranjec
Alexander Kranjec
Associate Professor, Psychology Department, Duquesne University
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From novel to familiar: tuning the brain for metaphors
ER Cardillo, CE Watson, GL Schmidt, A Kranjec, A Chatterjee
Neuroimage 59 (4), 3212-3221, 2012
Stimulus design is an obstacle course: 560 matched literal and metaphorical sentences for testing neural hypotheses about metaphor
ER Cardillo, GL Schmidt, A Kranjec, A Chatterjee
Behavior research methods 42 (3), 651-664, 2010
Beyond laterality: A critical assessment of research on the neural basis of metaphor
GL Schmidt, A Kranjec, ER Cardillo, A Chatterjee
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Space, time, and causality in the human brain
AJ Woods, RH Hamilton, A Kranjec, P Minhaus, M Bikson, J Yu, ...
Neuroimage 92, 285-297, 2014
Are temporal concepts embodied? A challenge for cognitive neuroscience
A Kranjec, A Chatterjee
Frontiers in Psychology, 2010
Extending spatial frames of reference to temporal concepts
A Kranjec
Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society …, 2006
The implicit and explicit embodiment of time
A Kranjec, L McDonough
Journal of Pragmatics 43 (3), 735-748, 2011
Prescribed spatial prepositions influence how we think about time
A Kranjec, ER Cardillo, GL Schmidt, A Chatterjee
Cognition 114 (1), 111-116, 2010
Temporal focus and time spatialization across cultures
C Callizo-Romero, S Tutnjević, M Pandza, M Ouellet, A Kranjec, S Ilić, ...
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 27, 1247-1258, 2020
Language, perception, and the schematic representation of spatial relations
P Amorapanth, A Kranjec, B Bromberger, M Lehet, P Widick, AJ Woods, ...
Brain and Language, 2012
Deconstructing Events: The Neural Bases for Space, Time, and Causality
A Kranjec, ER Cardillo, M Lehet, A Chatterjee
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 1-16, 2012
A sinister bias for calling fouls in soccer
A Kranjec, M Lehet, B Bromberger, A Chatterjee
PloS one 5 (7), e11667, 2010
Not all analogies are created equal: Associative and categorical analogy processing following brain damage
GL Schmidt, ER Cardillo, A Kranjec, M Lehet, P Widick, A Chatterjee
Neuropsychologia 50 (7), 1372-1379, 2012
A Protocol of Manual Tests to Measure Sensation and Pain in Humans.
K Kostek, M., Polaski, A., Kolber, B., Ramsey, A., Kranjec, A., & Szucs
Journal of Visualized Experiments 118 (e54130-e54130), 2016
Categorical Biases in Perceiving Spatial Relations
A Kranjec, G Lupyan, A Chatterjee
PloS one 9 (5), e98604, 2014
Conceptual art made simple for neuroaesthetics
A Kranjec
Frontiers in human neuroscience 9, 267, 2015
Differential outcome effects in pavlovian biconditional and ambiguous occasion setting tasks.
AR Delamater, A Kranjec, MI Fein
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes 36 (4), 41-481, 2010
Schemas reveal spatial relations to a patient with simultanagnosia
A Kranjec, G Ianni, A Chatterjee
Cortex 49 (7), 1983-1988, 2013
A comparison of electronic and paper versions of the montreal cognitive assessment
SE Wallace, EVD Brown, RC Simpson, K D’Acunto, A Kranjec, M Rodgers, ...
Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders 33 (3), 272-278, 2019
The development of visual art preferences
T Göksun, A Kranjec, A Chatterjee
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