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Responsible commercial activity of SMEs and specific values of sustainable development in terms of the European excellence model
M Olaru, V Dinu, G Stoleriu, D Șandru, V Dincă
Amfiteatru Economic, 2010
Corporate social responsibility–opportunity for reconciliation between economical interests and social and environmental interests
V Dinu
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Attitude of Romanian consumers related to products’ ecological labelling
V Dinu, I Schileru, A Atanase
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Stakeholders’ perception of sustainability orientation within a major Romanian University
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How sustainability oriented is Generation Z in retail? A literature review.
DC Dabija, BM Bejan, V Dinu
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Cross-Generational Analysis of Information Searching based on Social Media in Romania
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Commercial activity and the sustainable development
V Dinu
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A concepe, a redacta și a publica un articol științific. O abordare în contextul cercetării economice
V Dinu, G Săvoiu, DC Dabija
Revista de Management și Inginerie Economică 16 (2), 2017
A concepe, a redacta și a publica un articol științific. O abordare în contextul cercetării economice
V Dinu, G Savoiu, DC Dabija
Editura ASE Bucureti, 2016
The ethical dimension of business
V Dinu
The AMFITEATRU ECONOMIC journal 10 (23), 1-5, 2008
Romanian Immigrant Entrepreneurship: Utopia or Reality? An Overview of Entrepreneurial Manifestations of Romanian Immigrants in Andalusia, Spain
V Dinu, RM Grosu, AS Saseanu
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Economic deglobalization–from hypothesis to reality
C Postelnicu, V Dinu, DC Dabija
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Romania foreign trade in global recession, revealed by the extended method of exchange rate indicators
GG Savoiu, V Dinu, L Tachiciu
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Cross-Generational Analysis of Ethics and Sustainability. Insights from Romanian Retailing
DC Dabija, C Postelnicu, V Dinu
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Education and training needs in the field of consumer protection in the Lower Danube region
V Dinu, I Marchevski, E Dobrescu, R Petrescu
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Scientometric approach of productivity in scholarly economics and business
CM Dragoș, V Dinu, CM Pop, DC Dabija
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Foreign direct investment based on country risk and other macroeconomic factors. Econometric models for Romanian economy
G Săvoiu, V Dinu, S Ciuca
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Romanian Consumers' Behaviour Towards Counterfeit Products
DC Dabija, V Dinu, L Tachiciu, CM Pop
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Study on the open innovation practices in Romanian SMEs
M Olaru, V Dinu, T Keppler, B Mocan, A Mateiu
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Consumers’ education and information from the perspective of their awareness and ecological behaviour
V Dinu
Amfiteatru Economic 14 (31), 5-6, 2012
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