Udit Soni
Udit Soni
Assistant Professor
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Simultaneous type-I/type-II emission from CdSe/CdS/ZnSe nano-heterostructures
U Soni, A Pal, S Singh, M Mittal, S Yadav, R Elangovan, S Sapra
Acs Nano 8 (1), 113-123, 2014
Chitosan encapsulated quantum dots platform for leukemia detection
A Sharma, CM Pandey, G Sumana, U Soni, S Sapra, AK Srivastava, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 38 (1), 107-113, 2012
Wurtzite or zinc blende? Surface decides the crystal structure of nanocrystals
U Soni, V Arora, S Sapra
CrystEngComm 15 (27), 5458-5463, 2013
Photocatalysis from fluorescence-quenched CdSe/Au nanoheterostructures: a size-dependent study
U Soni, P Tripathy, S Sapra
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5 (11), 1909-1916, 2014
Nanopatterned cadmium selenide Langmuir–Blodgett platform for leukemia detection
A Sharma, CM Pandey, Z Matharu, U Soni, S Sapra, G Sumana, ...
Analytical chemistry 84 (7), 3082-3089, 2012
Colloidal lead-free Cs2AgBiBr6 double perovskite nanocrystals: Synthesis, uniform thin-film fabrication, and application in solution-processed solar cells
R Ahmad, GV Nutan, D Singh, G Gupta, U Soni, S Sapra, R Srivastava
Nano Research 14, 1126-1134, 2021
Fluorescent quantum dots: An insight on synthesis and potential biological application as drug carrier in cancer
P Tandale, N Choudhary, J Singh, A Sharma, A Shukla, P Sriram, U Soni, ...
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports 26, 100962, 2021
The importance of surface in core− shell semiconductor nanocrystals
U Soni, S Sapra
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (51), 22514-22518, 2010
Carbon quantum dots intercalated in polypyrrole (PPy) thin electrodes for accelerated energy storage
R Malik, S Lata, U Soni, P Rani, RS Malik
Electrochimica Acta 364, 137281, 2020
Detection of bioconjugated quantum dots passivated with different ligands for bio-applications
G Singh, NH Zaidi, U Soni, M Gautam, R Jackeray, H Singh, S Sapra
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 11 (5), 3834-3842, 2011
Facile synthesis of UV blocking nano-sized Zinc Oxide and Polymethyl-methacrylate polymer nanocomposite coating material
A Rawat, U Soni, RS Malik, SC Pandey
Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects 16, 371-380, 2018
Formulation and evaluation of herbal hand wash
A Sharma, R Yadav, V Gudha, UN Soni, JR Patel
World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 5 (3), 675-683, 2016
Development of magnetic nanoparticle assisted aptamer-quantum dot based biosensor for the detection of Escherichia coli in water samples
C Pandit, HK Alajangi, J Singh, A Khajuria, A Sharma, MS Hassan, ...
Science of The Total Environment 831, 154857, 2022
Synthesis of trap emission free cadmium sulfide quantum dots: Role of phosphonic acids and halide ions
V Arora, U Soni, M Mittal, S Yadav, S Sapra
Journal of colloid and interface science 491, 329-335, 2017
In-vitro Antibacterial and antifungal activity of select essential oils
S Soni, UN Soni
Int. Pharm. Pharmaceut. Sci 6, 586-591, 2014
Zinc-and magnesium-doped hydroxyapatite nanoparticles modified with urea as smart nitrogen fertilizers
B Sharma, M Shrivastava, LOB Afonso, U Soni, DM Cahill
ACS Applied Nano Materials 5 (5), 7288-7299, 2022
Investigation of the Photophysical and Electrical Characteristics of CuInS2 QDs/SWCNT Hybrid Nanostructure
R Ahmad, U Soni, R Srivastava, VN Singh, S Chand, S Sapra
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (21), 11409-11416, 2014
Development of functionalized quantum dot modified poly (vinyl alcohol) membranes for fuel cell applications
RS Malik, U Soni, SS Chauhan, P Verma, V Choudhary
RSC advances 6 (53), 47536-47544, 2016
Cancer cell targeting using folic acid/anti-HER2 antibody conjugated fluorescent CdSe/CdS/ZnS-Mercaptopropionic acid and CdTe-Mercaptosuccinic acid quantum dots
G Singh, M Kumar, U Soni, V Arora, V Bansal, D Gupta, M Bhat, AK Dinda, ...
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 16 (1), 130-143, 2016
Advanced nanomaterials and nanotechnology
PK Giri, DK Goswami, A Perumal
Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on advanced nanomaterials …, 2013
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