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What can scenario modelling tell us about future European scale agricultural land use, and what not?
E Audsley, KR Pearn, C Simota, G Cojocaru, E Koutsidou, ...
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Will European soil‐monitoring networks be able to detect changes in topsoil organic carbon content?
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Modelling the environmental impacts of soil compaction: a review
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Prediction of soil strength of arable soils and stress dependent changes in ecological properties based on soil maps.
R Horn, C Simota, H Fleige, A Dexter, K Rajkai, D Rosa
SIDASS project: Part 1. A spatial distributed simulation model predicting the dynamics of agro-physical soil state for selection of management practices to prevent soil erosion
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Agro-climatic change and European soil suitability: regional modelling at monthly time-steps
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Soil physical quality as quantified by S index and hidrophysical indices of some soils from Argeș hydrographic basin
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Prognose der mechanischen Belastbarkeit und der auflastabhängigen Änderung des Lufthaushaltes in Ackerböden anhand von Bodenkarten
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Schutz vor mechanischer Belastung
R Horn, R Paul, C Simota, H Fleige
Handbuch der Bodenkunde, 1-15, 2014
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