Kim E Jelfs
Kim E Jelfs
Professor of Computational Materials Chemistry at Imperial College London
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Polymer nanofilms with enhanced microporosity by interfacial polymerization
MF Jimenez-Solomon, Q Song, KE Jelfs, M Munoz-Ibanez, AG Livingston
Nature materials 15 (7), 760-767, 2016
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L Chen, PS Reiss, SY Chong, D Holden, KE Jelfs, T Hasell, MA Little, ...
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Promoting transparency and reproducibility in enhanced molecular simulations
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T Hasell, SY Chong, KE Jelfs, DJ Adams, AI Cooper
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Shape selectivity by guest‐driven restructuring of a porous material
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Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (37), 10235-10240, 2011
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V Santolini, M Miklitz, E Berardo, KE Jelfs
Nanoscale 9 (16), 5280-5298, 2017
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