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Visualization of higher-order topological insulating phases in two-dimensional dielectric photonic crystals
BY Xie, GX Su, HF Wang, H Su, XP Shen, P Zhan, MH Lu, ZL Wang, ...
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Second-order photonic topological insulator with corner states
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Photonics meets topology
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Topological photonic crystals: a review
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Bound states in the continuum in a bilayer photonic crystal with TE-TM cross coupling
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Quantum superposition demonstrated higher-order topological bound states in the continuum
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Topological surface acoustic waves
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Design of a low-crosstalk half-wavelength pitch nano-structured silicon waveguide array
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Critical couplings in topological-insulator waveguide-resonator systems observed in elastic waves
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Exceptional concentric rings in a non-Hermitian bilayer photonic system
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Intrinsic superflat bands in general twisted bilayer systems
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High-Q localized surface plasmon resonance based on bound states in the continuum for enhanced refractive index sensing
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Scattering asymmetry and circular dichroism in coupled PT-symmetric chiral nanoparticles
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Efficient second harmonic generation by mode phase matching in a silicon waveguide
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Protecting quantum superposition and entanglement with photonic higher-order topological crystalline insulator
Y Wang, BY Xie, YH Lu, YJ Chang, HF Wang, J Gao, ZQ Jiao, Z Feng, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.07963, 2020
王洪飞, 解碧野, 詹鹏, 卢明辉, 陈延峰
物理学报 68 (22), 51-68, 2019
Disentangled higher-orbital bands and chiral symmetric topology in confined Mie resonance photonic crystals
J Li, H Wang, S Jia, P Zhan, M Lu, Z Wang, Y Chen, BY Xie
Laser & Photonics Rewiews, 2023
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