Gauthier Limpens
Gauthier Limpens
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EnergyScope TD: A novel open-source model for regional energy systems
G Limpens, S Moret, H Jeanmart, F Maréchal
Applied Energy 255, 113729, 2019
Electricity storage needs for the energy transition: An EROI based analysis illustrated by the case of Belgium
G Limpens, H Jeanmart
Energy 152, 960-973, 2018
Belgian energy transition: what are the options?
G Limpens, H Jeanmart, F Maréchal
Energies 13 (1), 261, 2020
Whole-energy system models: The advisors for the energy transition
F Contino, S Moret, G Limpens, H Jeanmart
Prog. Energy Combust. Sci 81, 100872, 2020
The role of electrofuels under uncertainties for the Belgian energy transition
X Rixhon, G Limpens, D Coppitters, H Jeanmart, F Contino
Energies 14 (13), 4027, 2021
Generating energy transition pathways: application to Belgium
G Limpens
UCL-Université Catholique de Louvain, 2021
The role of storage in the Swiss energy transition
G Limpens, S Moret, G Guidati, X Li, F Maréchal, H Jeanmart
Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference On efficiency, Cost …, 2019
The energy return on investment of whole-energy systems: Application to belgium
J Dumas, A Dubois, P Thiran, P Jacques, F Contino, B Cornélusse, ...
Biophysical Economics and Sustainability 7 (4), 12, 2022
Integration of non-energy among the end-use demands of bottom-up whole-energy system models
X Rixhon, D Tonelli, M Colla, K Verleysen, G Limpens, H Jeanmart, ...
Frontiers in Energy Research 10, 904777, 2022
Comprehensive integration of the non-energy demand within a whole-energy system: towards a defossilisation of the chemical industry in Belgium
X Rixhon, M Colla, D Tonelli, K Verleysen, G Limpens, H Jeanmart, ...
34th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation …, 2021
Multi-criteria optimisation of an energy system and application to the Belgian case
B Muyldermans, G Nève, H Jeanmart, G Limpens
Master's thesis, 2021
The impact of uncertainties on the Belgian energy system: Application of the Polynomial Chaos Expansion to the EnergyScope model
G Limpens, D Coppitters, X Rixhon, F Contino, H Jeanmart
Proceedings of the ECOS, 2020
Multi-objective near-optimal necessary conditions for multi-sectoral planning
A Dubois, J Dumas, P Thiran, G Limpens, D Ernst
Applied Energy 350, 121789, 2023
Taxonomy of the fuels in a whole-energy system
X Rixhon, G Limpens, H Jeanmart, F Contino
Frontiers in Energy Research 9, 660073, 2021
Application of EnergyScope TD to the Belgium case Supplementary Material
G Limpens, H Jeanmart, F Maréchal
Available on https://github. com/energyscope/EnergyScope/tree/master …, 2020
Quantification of electricity storage needs for Belgium energy transition: A sensitivity analysis based on EROI
G Limpens, H Jeanmart
Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Efficiency, Cost …, 2018
Bi-directional soft-linking between a whole energy system model and a power systems model
M Pavičević, P Thiran, G Limpens, F Contino, H Jeanmart, S Quoilin
2022 IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica, 1-5, 2022
Modelling of low carbon energy systems for 26 European countries with energyscopetd: can European energy systems reach carbon neutrality independently
J Dommisse, JL Tychon, H Jeanmart, G Limpens
Anglais. PhD thesis. UCL-Ecole polytechnique de Louvain, 2020
Energyscope multi-cell: a novel open-source model for multi-regional energy systems and application to a 3-cell, low-carbon energy system
P Thiran, A Hernandez, H Jeanmart, G Limpens
Ecole polytechnique de Louvain, Université catholique de Louvain, 2020
EnergyScope Pathway: An open-source model to optimise the energy transition pathways of a regional whole-energy system
G Limpens, X Rixhon, F Contino, H Jeanmart
Applied Energy 358, 122501, 2024
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