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Riccarda Antiochia
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Silver nanoparticles in polymeric matrices for fresh food packaging
M Carbone, DT Donia, G Sabbatella, R Antiochia
Journal of King Saud University-Science 28 (4), 273-279, 2016
An extended method for the practical evaluation of the standard rate constant from cyclic voltammetric data
I Lavagnini, R Antiochia, F Magno
Electroanalysis: An International Journal Devoted to Fundamental and …, 2004
Beyond graphene: Electrochemical sensors and biosensors for biomarkers detection
P Bollella, G Fusco, C Tortolini, G Sanzò, G Favero, L Gorton, R Antiochia
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 89, 152-166, 2017
Microneedle-based biosensor for minimally-invasive lactate detection
P Bollella, S Sharma, AEG Cass, R Antiochia
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 123, 152-159, 2019
Development of a carbon nanotube paste electrode osmium polymer-mediated biosensor for determination of glucose in alcoholic beverages
R Antiochia, L Gorton
Biosensors and bioelectronics 22 (11), 2611-2617, 2007
Single‐wall carbon nanotube paste electrodes: a comparison with carbon paste, platinum and glassy carbon electrodes via cyclic voltammetric data
R Antiochia, I Lavagnini, F Magno, F Valentini, G Palleschi
Electroanalysis: An International Journal Devoted to Fundamental and …, 2004
The use of vetiver for remediation of heavy metal soil contamination
R Antiochia, L Campanella, P Ghezzi, K Movassaghi
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 388, 947-956, 2007
Minimally‐invasive microneedle‐based biosensor array for simultaneous lactate and glucose monitoring in artificial interstitial fluid
P Bollella, S Sharma, AEG Cass, R Antiochia
Electroanalysis 31 (2), 374-382, 2019
Developments in biosensors for CoV detection and future trends
R Antiochia
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 173, 112777, 2021
Nanobiosensors as new diagnostic tools for SARS, MERS and COVID-19: from past to perspectives
R Antiochia
Microchimica Acta 187 (12), 639, 2020
An overview of the latest graphene‐based sensors for glucose detection: the effects of graphene defects
M Carbone, L Gorton, R Antiochia
Electroanalysis 27 (1), 16-31, 2015
Green synthesis and characterization of gold and silver nanoparticles and their application for development of a third generation lactose biosensor
P Bollella, C Schulz, G Favero, F Mazzei, R Ludwig, L Gorton, R Antiochia
Electroanalysis 29 (1), 77-86, 2017
A glucose/oxygen enzymatic fuel cell based on gold nanoparticles modified graphene screen-printed electrode. Proof-of-concept in human saliva
P Bollella, G Fusco, D Stevar, L Gorton, R Ludwig, S Ma, H Boer, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 256, 921-930, 2018
Direct electron transfer of dehydrogenases for development of 3rd generation biosensors and enzymatic fuel cells
P Bollella, L Gorton, R Antiochia
Sensors 18 (5), 1319, 2018
Amperometric mediated carbon nanotube paste biosensor for fructose determination
R Antiochia, I Lavagnini, F Magno
Analytical letters 37 (8), 1657-1669, 2004
A third generation glucose biosensor based on cellobiose dehydrogenase immobilized on a glassy carbon electrode decorated with electrodeposited gold nanoparticles …
P Bollella, L Gorton, R Ludwig, R Antiochia
Sensors 17 (8), 1912, 2017
Minimally invasive glucose monitoring using a highly porous gold microneedles-based biosensor: Characterization and application in artificial interstitial fluid
P Bollella, S Sharma, AEG Cass, F Tasca, R Antiochia
Catalysts 9 (7), 580, 2019
Electrochemical determination of pharmaceuticals in spiked water samples
A Ambrosi, R Antiochia, L Campanella, R Dragone, I Lavagnini
Journal of hazardous materials 122 (3), 219-225, 2005
DNA-based biosensors for Hg2+ determination by polythymine–methylene blue modified electrodes
C Tortolini, P Bollella, ML Antonelli, R Antiochia, F Mazzei, G Favero
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 67, 524-531, 2015
Untargeted NMR-based methodology in the study of fruit metabolites
AP Sobolev, L Mannina, N Proietti, S Carradori, M Daglia, AM Giusti, ...
Molecules 20 (3), 4088-4108, 2015
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