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Agneta Simionescu
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Elastin-derived peptides and TGF-β1 induce osteogenic responses in smooth muscle cells
A Simionescu, K Philips, N Vyavahare
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Stabilized collagen scaffolds for heart valve tissue engineering
ME Tedder, J Liao, B Weed, C Stabler, H Zhang, A Simionescu, ...
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A Simionescu, DT Simionescu, NR Vyavahare
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Elastin calcification in the rat subdermal model is accompanied by up-regulation of degradative and osteogenic cellular responses
JS Lee, DM Basalyga, A Simionescu, JC Isenburg, DT Simionescu, ...
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Novel capillary channel fiber scaffolds for guided tissue engineering
Q Lu, A Simionescu, N Vyavahare
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Functional heart valve scaffolds obtained by complete decellularization of porcine aortic roots in a novel differential pressure gradient perfusion system
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Inflammation in cardiovascular tissue engineering: the challenge to a promise: a minireview
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Matrix metalloproteinases in the pathology of natural and bioprosthetic cardiac valves
A Simionescu, DT Simionescu, RFP Deac
Cardiovascular Pathology 5 (6), 323-332, 1996
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