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Persefoni Fragkiadaki
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Discovery of potent telomerase activators: Unfolding new therapeutic and anti-aging perspectives
D Tsoukalas, P Fragkiadaki, AO Docea, AK Alegakis, E Sarandi, ...
Molecular Medicine Reports 20 (4), 3701-3708, 2019
Improving diagnosis, prognosis and prediction by using biomarkers in CRC patients
TK Nikolouzakis, L Vassilopoulou, P Fragkiadaki, T Mariolis Sapsakos, ...
Oncology reports 39 (6), 2455-2472, 2018
Cardiotoxicity in rabbits after a low-level exposure to diazinon, propoxur, and chlorpyrifos
A Zafiropoulos, K Tsarouhas, C Tsitsimpikou, P Fragkiadaki, I Germanakis, ...
Human & experimental toxicology 33 (12), 1241-1252, 2014
Histopathological lesions, oxidative stress and genotoxic effects in liver and kidneys following long term exposure of rabbits to diazinon and propoxur
C Tsitsimpikou, M Tzatzarakis, P Fragkiadaki, L Kovatsi, P Stivaktakis, ...
Toxicology 307, 109-114, 2013
Association of nutraceutical supplements with longer telomere length
D Tsoukalas, P Fragkiadaki, AO Docea, AK Alegakis, E Sarandi, ...
International Journal of Molecular Medicine 44 (1), 218-226, 2019
Targeted metabolomic analysis of serum fatty acids for the prediction of autoimmune diseases
D Tsoukalas, V Fragoulakis, E Sarandi, AO Docea, E Papakonstaninou, ...
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 6, 120, 2019
The association of female and male infertility with telomere length
E Vasilopoulos, P Fragkiadaki, C Kalliora, D Fragou, AO Docea, ...
International journal of molecular medicine 44 (2), 375-389, 2019
Long-term exposure of rabbits to imidaclorpid as quantified in blood induces genotoxic effect
PD Stivaktakis, MP Kavvalakis, MN Tzatzarakis, AK Alegakis, ...
Chemosphere 149, 108-113, 2016
Long-term exposure to cypermethrin and piperonyl butoxide cause liver and kidney inflammation and induce genotoxicity in New Zealand white male rabbits
AI Vardavas, PD Stivaktakis, MN Tzatzarakis, P Fragkiadaki, F Vasilaki, ...
Food and chemical toxicology 94, 250-259, 2016
Dietary supplementation with tomato-juice in patients with metabolic syndrome: a suggestion to alleviate detrimental clinical factors
C Tsitsimpikou, K Tsarouhas, N Kioukia-Fougia, C Skondra, ...
Food and chemical toxicology 74, 9-13, 2014
Telomerase and telomeres in aging theory and chronographic aging theory
MP Razgonova, AM Zakharenko, KS Golokhvast, M Thanasoula, ...
Molecular medicine reports 22 (3), 1679-1694, 2020
Telomere length and telomerase activity in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
P Fragkiadaki, D Nikitovic, K Kalliantasi, E Sarandi, M Thanasoula, ...
Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine 19 (3), 1626-1632, 2020
Common mental disorders and association with telomere length
E Vakonaki, K Tsiminikaki, S Plaitis, P Fragkiadaki, D Tsoukalas, ...
Biomedical reports 8 (2), 111-116, 2018
Telomerase activity in pregnancy complications
P Fragkiadaki, D Tsoukalas, I Fragkiadoulaki, C Psycharakis, D Nikitovic, ...
Molecular medicine reports 14 (1), 16-21, 2016
Application of metabolomics: Focus on the quantification of organic acids in healthy adults
D Tsoukalas, A Alegakis, P Fragkiadaki, E Papakonstantinou, D Nikitovic, ...
International Journal of Molecular Medicine 40 (1), 112-120, 2017
Oxidative stress and myocardial dysfunction in young rabbits after short term anabolic steroids administration
I Germanakis, K Tsarouhas, P Fragkiadaki, C Tsitsimpikou, ...
Food and chemical toxicology 61, 101-105, 2013
Application of metabolomics part II: Focus on fatty acids and their metabolites in healthy adults
D Tsoukalas, AK Alegakis, P Fragkiadaki, E Papakonstantinou, ...
International Journal of Molecular Medicine 43 (1), 233-242, 2019
The metabolism of imidacloprid by aldehyde oxidase contributes to its clastogenic effect in New Zealand rabbits
AI Vardavas, E Ozcagli, P Fragkiadaki, PD Stivaktakis, MN Tzatzarakis, ...
Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis 829, 26-32, 2018
Nephrotoxicity in rabbits after long-term nandrolone decanoate administration
C Tsitsimpikou, F Vasilaki, K Tsarouhas, P Fragkiadaki, M Tzardi, ...
Toxicology Letters 259, 21-27, 2016
Τelomerase inhibitors and activators in aging and cancer: A systematic review
P Fragkiadaki, E Renieri, K Kalliantasi, E Kouvidi, E Apalaki, E Vakonaki, ...
Molecular Medicine Reports 25 (5), 1-11, 2022
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