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María Eugenia López
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Alpha-Band Hypersynchronization in Progressive Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Magnetoencephalography Study
ME López, R Bruña, S Aurtenetxe, JÁ Pineda-Pardo, A Marcos, J Arrazola, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 34 (44), 14551-14559, 2014
Scopolamine effects on functional brain connectivity: a pharmacological model of Alzheimer’s disease
R Bajo, S Pusil, ME Lopez, L Canuet, E Pereda, D Osipova, F Maestú, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 9748, 2015
Brain-wide slowing of spontaneous alpha rhythms in mild cognitive impairment
P Garcés, R Vicente, M Wibral, JÁ Pineda-Pardo, ME López, S Aurtenetxe, ...
Frontiers in aging neuroscience 5, 100, 2013
Network disruption and cerebrospinal fluid amyloid-beta and phospho-tau levels in mild cognitive impairment
L Canuet, S Pusil, ME López, R Bajo, JÁ Pineda-Pardo, P Cuesta, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (28), 10325-10330, 2015
A multicenter study of the early detection of synaptic dysfunction in Mild Cognitive Impairment using Magnetoencephalography-derived functional connectivity
F Maestú, JM Peña, P Garcés, S González, R Bajo, A Bagic, P Cuesta, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 9, 103-109, 2015
Hypersynchronization in mild cognitive impairment: the ‘X’model
S Pusil, ME López, P Cuesta, R Bruna, E Pereda, F Maestu
Brain 142 (12), 3936-3950, 2019
Searching for primary predictors of conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease: a multivariate follow-up study
ME López, A Turrero, P Cuesta, D Lopez-Sanz, R Bruna, A Marcos, P Gil, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 52 (1), 133-143, 2016
Influence of the APOE ε4 allele and mild cognitive impairment diagnosis in the disruption of the MEG resting state functional connectivity in sources space
P Cuesta, P Garcés, NP Castellanos, ME López, S Aurtenetxe, R Bajo, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 44 (2), 493-505, 2015
The Default Mode Network is functionally and structurally disrupted in amnestic mild cognitive impairment—A bimodal MEG–DTI study
P Garcés, JÁ Pineda-Pardo, L Canuet, S Aurtenetxe, ME López, A Marcos, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 6, 214-221, 2014
Cognitive reserve is associated with the functional organization of the brain in healthy aging: a MEG study
ME López, S Aurtenetxe, E Pereda, P Cuesta, NP Castellanos, R Bruña, ...
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 6, 125, 2014
Signal-to-noise ratio of the MEG signal after preprocessing
A Gonzalez-Moreno, S Aurtenetxe, ME Lopez-Garcia, F del Pozo, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 222, 56-61, 2014
How to build a functional connectomic biomarker for mild cognitive impairment from source reconstructed MEG resting-state activity: the combination of ROI representation and …
SI Dimitriadis, ME López, R Bruña, P Cuesta, A Marcos, F Maestú, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 12, 306, 2018
MEG spectral analysis in subtypes of mild cognitive impairment
ME López, P Cuesta, P Garcés, PN Castellanos, S Aurtenetxe, R Bajo, ...
Age 36, 1095-1112, 2014
Early dysfunction of functional connectivity in healthy elderly with subjective memory complaints
R Bajo, NP Castellanos, ME López, JM Ruiz, P Montejo, M Montenegro, ...
Age 34, 497-506, 2012
Drug polyconsumption is associated with increased synchronization of brain electrical-activity at rest and in a counting task
R Coullaut-Valera, I Arbaiza, R Bajo, R Arrúe, ME López, ...
International journal of neural systems 24 (01), 1450005, 2014
MEG beamformer-based reconstructions of functional networks in mild cognitive impairment
ME López, MMA Engels, ECW Van Straaten, R Bajo, ML Delgado, ...
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 9, 107, 2017
Dynamic low frequency EEG phase synchronization patterns during proactive control of task switching
ME López, S Pusil, E Pereda, F Maestú, F Barceló
NeuroImage 186, 70-82, 2019
Synchronization during an internally directed cognitive state in healthy aging and mild cognitive impairment: a MEG study
ME López, P Garcés, P Cuesta, NP Castellanos, S Aurtenetxe, R Bajo, ...
Age 36, 1389-1406, 2014
Interference impacts working memory in mild cognitive impairment
S Aurtenetxe, J García-Pacios, D Del Rio, ME López, JA Pineda-Pardo, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 10, 443, 2016
Aberrant MEG multi-frequency phase temporal synchronization predicts conversion from mild cognitive impairment-to-Alzheimer's disease
S Pusil, SI Dimitriadis, ME López, E Pereda, F Maestú
NeuroImage: Clinical 24, 101972, 2019
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