Yukun Liu
Yukun Liu
School of Statistics, East China Normal University
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Relationship between the ABO blood group and the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) susceptibility
J Zhao, Y Yang, H Huang, D Li, D Gu, X Lu, Z Zhang, L Liu, T Liu, Y Liu, ...
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A review of redox signaling and the control of MAP kinase pathway in plants
Y Liu, C He
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Cold acclimation by the CBF–COR pathway in a changing climate: Lessons from Arabidopsis thaliana
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Adjusted empirical likelihood with high-order precision
Y Liu, J Chen
Empirical likelihood ratio test for the change-point problem
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Removal of As (III) and As (V) from water by chitosan and chitosan derivatives: a review
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Quantile and quantile-function estimations under density ratio model
J Chen, Y Liu
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The roles of polycarboxylates in Cr (VI)/sulfite reaction system: Involvement of reactive oxygen species and intramolecular electron transfer
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A change point approach for phase I analysis in multistage processes
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MAPping kinase regulation of ICE1 in freezing tolerance
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Empirical likelihood for the two-sample mean problem
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High-efficiency simultaneous oxidation of organoarsenic and immobilization of arsenic in Fenton enhanced plasma system
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Empirical likelihood ratio test for a change-point in linear regression model
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Comparisons of control schemes for monitoring the means of processes subject to drifts
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A self-starting control chart for high-dimensional short-run processes
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Utilization of spent aluminum for p-arsanilic acid degradation and arsenic immobilization mediated by Fe (II) under aerobic condition
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Chemical Engineering Journal 297, 45-54, 2016
Construction of multi-level supersaturated design via Kronecker product
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Two-sample empirical likelihood method for difference between coefficients in linear regression model
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Semiparametric inference in a genetic mixture model
P Li, Y Liu, J Qin
Journal of the American Statistical Association 112 (519), 1250-1260, 2017
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