Corey K Potvin
Corey K Potvin
Research Scientist, NOAA National Severe Storms Lab
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Progress and challenges with Warn-on-Forecast
DJ Stensrud, LJ Wicker, M Xue, DT Dawson II, N Yussouf, DM Wheatley, ...
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Assessing the impacts of proximity sounding criteria on the climatology of significant tornado environments
CK Potvin, KL Elmore, SJ Weiss
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A Shapiro, CK Potvin, J Gao
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Sensitivity of idealized supercell simulations to horizontal grid spacing: Implications for Warn-on-Forecast
CK Potvin, ML Flora
Monthly Weather Review 143 (8), 2998-3024, 2015
Impact of a vertical vorticity constraint in variational dual-Doppler wind analysis: Tests with real and simulated supercell data
CK Potvin, A Shapiro, M Xue
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 29 (1), 32-49, 2012
A Bayesian hierarchical modeling framework for correcting reporting bias in the US tornado database
CK Potvin, C Broyles, PS Skinner, HE Brooks, E Rasmussen
Weather and Forecasting 34 (1), 15-30, 2019
An improved method for estimating radar echo-top height
V Lakshmanan, K Hondl, CK Potvin, D Preignitz
Weather and Forecasting 28 (2), 481-488, 2013
An overview of the 29 May 2012 Kingfisher supercell during DC3
EA DiGangi, DR MacGorman, CL Ziegler, D Betten, M Biggerstaff, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 121 (24), 14,316-14,343, 2016
3DVAR versus traditional dual-Doppler wind retrievals of a simulated supercell thunderstorm
CK Potvin, D Betten, LJ Wicker, KL Elmore, MI Biggerstaff
Monthly Weather Review 140 (11), 3487-3494, 2012
Object-based verification of short-term, storm-scale probabilistic mesocyclone guidance from an experimental Warn-on-Forecast system
ML Flora, PS Skinner, CK Potvin, AE Reinhart, TA Jones, N Yussouf, ...
Weather and Forecasting 34 (6), 1721-1739, 2019
Spatially variable advection correction of radar data. Part I: Theoretical considerations
A Shapiro, KM Willingham, CK Potvin
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 67 (11), 3445-3456, 2010
Using machine learning to generate storm-scale probabilistic guidance of severe weather hazards in the Warn-on-Forecast system
ML Flora, CK Potvin, PS Skinner, S Handler, A McGovern
Monthly Weather Review 149 (5), 1535-1557, 2021
Assessing errors in variational dual-Doppler wind syntheses of supercell thunderstorms observed by storm-scale mobile radars
CK Potvin, LJ Wicker, A Shapiro
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 29 (8), 1009-1025, 2012
Vertical air motion retrievals in deep convective clouds using the ARM scanning radar network in Oklahoma during MC3E
KW North, M Oue, P Kollias, SE Giangrande, SM Collis, CK Potvin
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 10 (8), 2785-2806, 2017
Sensitivity of supercell simulations to initial-condition resolution
CK Potvin, EM Murillo, ML Flora, DM Wheatley
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 74 (1), 5-26, 2017
Systematic comparison of convection-allowing models during the 2017 NOAA HWT spring forecasting experiment
CK Potvin, JR Carley, AJ Clark, LJ Wicker, PS Skinner, AE Reinhart, ...
Weather and Forecasting 34 (5), 1395-1416, 2019
Practical predictability of supercells: Exploring ensemble forecast sensitivity to initial condition spread
ML Flora, CK Potvin, LJ Wicker
Monthly Weather Review 146 (8), 2361-2379, 2018
Distinguishing characteristics of tornadic and nontornadic supercell storms from composite mean analyses of radar observations
CR Homeyer, TN Sandmæl, CK Potvin, AM Murphy
Monthly Weather Review 148 (12), 5015-5040, 2020
Forcing mechanisms for an internal rear-flank downdraft momentum surge in the 18 May 2010 Dumas, Texas, supercell
PS Skinner, CC Weiss, LJ Wicker, CK Potvin, DC Dowell
Monthly Weather Review 143 (11), 4305-4330, 2015
Spatially variable advection correction of radar data. Part II: Test results
A Shapiro, KM Willingham, CK Potvin
Journal of the atmospheric sciences 67 (11), 3457-3470, 2010
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