Regina Patinvoh
Regina Patinvoh
Ph.D (Resource Recovery), Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria/University of Boras, Sweden
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Citat de
Innovative pretreatment strategies for biogas production
RJ Patinvoh, OA Osadolor, K Chandolias, IS Horváth, MJ Taherzadeh
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Factors influencing volatile fatty acids production from food wastes via anaerobic digestion
Lukitawesa, RJ Patinvoh, R Millati, I Sarvari-Horvath, MJ Taherzadeh
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RJ Patinvoh, E Feuk-Lagerstedt, M Lundin, I Sárvári Horváth, ...
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RJ Patinvoh, MJ Taherzadeh
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Fermentation processes for second-generation biofuels
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Effect of anaerobic digestion of manure before application to soil–benefits for nitrogen utilisation?
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Biological pretreatment and dry digestion processes for biogas production
R Patinvoh
Högskolan i Borås, 2017
Mathematical modelling of sterile insect technology for mosquito control
RJ Patinvoh, AA Susu
Advances in Entomology 2 (04), 180, 2014
Dry Anaerobic Digestion of Wastes: Processes and Applications
RJ Patinvoh
Sustainable Resource Recovery and Zero Waste Approaches, 175-182, 2019
Current challenges of high-solid anaerobic digestion and possible measures for its effective applications: a review
JG Akinbomi, RJ Patinvoh, MJ Taherzadeh
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Evaluation of Biological Degraded Keratin for Biogas Production Using Dry Anaerobic Digestion System
S Setyaningrum, RJ Patinvoh, R Purwadi, M Taherzadeh
International Journal Applied Technology Research 2 (2), 81-89, 2021
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