Panlong Yang
Panlong Yang
Professor at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
Adresă de e-mail confirmată pe ustc.edu.cn
Citat de
Citat de
R-TTWD: Robust device-free through-the-wall detection of moving human with WiFi
H Zhu, F Xiao, L Sun, R Wang, P Yang
IEEE Journal on selected areas in communications 35 (5), 1090-1103, 2017
Femo: A platform for free-weight exercise monitoring with rfids
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Quality-aware sensing coverage in budget-constrained mobile crowdsensing networks
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TW-See: Human activity recognition through the wall with commodity Wi-Fi devices
X Wu, Z Chu, P Yang, C Xiang, X Zheng, W Huang
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Shake and walk: Acoustic direction finding and fine-grained indoor localization using smartphones
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Signspeaker: A real-time, high-precision smartwatch-based sign language translator
J Hou, XY Li, P Zhu, Z Wang, Y Wang, J Qian, P Yang
The 25th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking …, 2019
Zimo: Building cross-technology mimo to harmonize zigbee smog with wifi flash without intervention
Y Yubo, Y Panlong, L Xiangyang, T Yue, Z Lan, Y Lizhao
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False negative problem of counting bloom filter
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SmokeGrenade: An efficient key generation protocol with artificial interference
D Chen, Z Qin, X Mao, P Yang, Z Qin, R Wang
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Real-time identification of rogue WiFi connections using environment-independent physical features
P Liu, P Yang, WZ Song, Y Yan, XY Li
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Wordrecorder: Accurate acoustic-based handwriting recognition using deep learning
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BuildSenSys: Reusing Building Sensing Data for Traffic Prediction With Cross-Domain Learning
X Fan, C Xiang, C Chen, P Yang, L Gong, X Song, P Nanda, X He
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Charging oriented sensor placement and flexible scheduling in rechargeable WSNs
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Optimal online data dissemination for resource constrained mobile opportunistic networks
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Exploiting user demand diversity in heterogeneous wireless networks
Z Du, Q Wu, P Yang, Y Xu, J Wang, YD Yao
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 14 (8), 4142-4155, 2015
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