Gunnar Felix Lange
Gunnar Felix Lange
Researcher, Norwegian Meteorological Institute
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Citat de
Citat de
Topological correspondence between magnetic space group representations and subdimensions
A Bouhon, GF Lange, RJ Slager
Physical Review B 103 (24), 245127, 2021
Superconducting order of from a three-dimensional microscopic model
HS Røising, T Scaffidi, F Flicker, GF Lange, SH Simon
Physical Review Research 1 (3), 033108, 2019
Exploring robots and UAVs as phenotyping tools in plant breeding
I Burud, G Lange, M Lillemo, E Bleken, L Grimstad, PJ From
IFAC-PapersOnLine 50 (1), 11479-11484, 2017
Subdimensional topologies, indicators, and higher order boundary effects
GF Lange, A Bouhon, RJ Slager
Physical Review B 103 (19), 195145, 2021
Topological continuum charges of acoustic phonons in two dimensions and the Nambu-Goldstone theorem
GF Lange, A Bouhon, B Monserrat, RJ Slager
Physical Review B 105 (6), 064301, 2022
Discovery of a weak topological insulating state and van Hove singularity in triclinic RhBi2
K Lee, GF Lange, LL Wang, B Kuthanazhi, TV Trevisan, NH Jo, B Schrunk, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 1855, 2021
Ultrafast helicity-dependent photocurrents in Weyl Magnet Mn3Sn
D Hamara, GF Lange, FN Kholid, A Markou, C Felser, RJ Slager, ...
Communications Physics 6 (1), 320, 2023
Spin texture as a bulk indicator of fragile topology
GF Lange, A Bouhon, RJ Slager
Physical Review Research 5 (3), 033013, 2023
Photoinduced electronic and spin topological phase transitions in monolayer bismuth
B Peng, GF Lange, D Bennett, K Wang, RJ Slager, B Monserrat
Physical Review Letters 132 (11), 116601, 2024
Negative refraction of Weyl phonons at twin quartz interfaces
GF Lange, JDF Pottecher, C Robey, B Monserrat, B Peng
ACS Materials Letters 6, 847-855, 2023
Electrical transport signatures of metallic surface state formation in the strongly-correlated insulator FeSb2
AG Eaton, NJM Popiel, KJ Xu, AJ Hickey, H Liu, MC Hatnean, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2403.04550, 2024
Band topology beyond symmetry eigenvalues with applications to electronic and phononic systems
G Lange
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