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Vassu Tatiana
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Isolation and identification of some Lactobacillus and Enterococcus strains by a polyphasic taxonomical approach
DR Pelinescu, E Sasarman, MC Chifiriuc, I Stoica, AM Nohita, I Avram, ...
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Increase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae plating efficiency after treatment with bipolar electric pulses
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Insights on yeast bioremediation processes
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Production of xylitol by yeasts
R Ghindea, O Csutak, I Stoica, AM Tanase, T Vassu
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Nickel–titanium alloy: Cytotoxicity evaluation on microorganism culture
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Antagonistic activity of three newly isolated yeast strains from the surface of fruits
O Csutak, T Vassu, I Sarbu, I Stoica, P Cornea
Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (1), 70, 2013
Treatment with some anti-inflammatory drugs reduces germ tube formation in Candida albicans strains
E Rusu, M Radu-Popescu, D Pelinescu, T Vassu
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Comparison of total DNA extraction methods for microbial community form polluted soil
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Evaluation of production, stability and activity of biosurfactants from yeasts with application in bioremediation of oil-polluted environment
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Methylotrophic yeasts: diversity and methanol metabolism
O Negruță, O Csutak, I Stoica, E Rusu, T Vassu
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Biotechnological applications of Yarrowia lipolytica CMGB32
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Phenotypic profiles of virulence in different Candida species isolated from vulvovaginal infections
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Probiotics-an alternative treatment for various diseases
N Vasile, R Ghindea, T Vassu
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Molecular identification of some yeast strains involved in oral candidosis
ES Simona, P Diana, I Robertina, A Ionela, S Ileana, VD Tatiana
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Influence of various carbon sources on growth and biomass accumulation of some lactic acid bacteria strains
S Petrut, E Rusu, IS Tudorache, D Pelinescu, I Sarbu, I Stoica, T Vassu
pharmaceuticals 4, 5, 2019
Biochemical and genetic characterization of Lactobacillus Plantarum cmgb-1 strain used as probiotic
T Vassu, D Smarandache, I Stoica, E Sasarman, D Fologea, F Musat, ...
Biologia si tehnologia drojdiilor
I Anghel, B Segal, T Vassu
Editura tehnica, 1991
Assessment the activity of some enzymes and antibiotic substances sensitivity on pathogenic bacteria species
I Sarbu, T Vassu, MC Chifiriuc, M Bucur, I Stoica, P Stefana, E Rusu, ...
Rev Chim 68 (12), 3015-21, 2017
Selection and characterization of the probiotic potential of some lactic acid bacteria isolated from infant feces
D Pelinescu, MC Chifiriuc, LM Ditu, I Sarbu, C Bleotu, I Vassu, I Stoica, ...
Romanian Biotechnological Letters 16 (3), 6178-6189, 2011
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