Stefan Baudis
Stefan Baudis
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Photopolymers with tunable mechanical properties processed by laser-based high-resolution stereolithography
J Stampfl, S Baudis, C Heller, R Liska, A Neumeister, R Kling, A Ostendorf, ...
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 18 (12), 125014, 2008
Biodegradable, thermoplastic polyurethane grafts for small diameter vascular replacements
H Bergmeister, N Seyidova, C Schreiber, M Strobl, C Grasl, I Walter, ...
Acta biomaterialia 11, 104-113, 2015
Real Time-NIR/MIR-Photorheology: A Versatile Tool for the in Situ Characterization of Photopolymerization Reactions
C Gorsche, R Harikrishna, S Baudis, P Knaack, B Husar, J Laeuger, ...
Analytical chemistry 89 (9), 4958-4968, 2017
Highly reactive thiol‐norbornene photo‐click hydrogels: Toward improved processability
J Van Hoorick, P Gruber, M Markovic, M Rollot, GJ Graulus, M Vagenende, ...
Macromolecular rapid communications 39 (14), 1800181, 2018
Thiol–gelatin–norbornene bioink for laser‐based high‐definition bioprinting
A Dobos, J Van Hoorick, W Steiger, P Gruber, M Markovic, OG Andriotis, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 9 (15), 1900752, 2020
A highly efficient waterborne photoinitiator for visible-light-induced three-dimensional printing of hydrogels
J Wang, S Stanic, AA Altun, M Schwentenwein, K Dietliker, L Jin, ...
Chemical Communications 54 (8), 920-923, 2018
Elastomeric degradable biomaterials by photopolymerization-based CAD-CAM for vascular tissue engineering
S Baudis, F Nehl, SC Ligon, A Nigisch, H Bergmeister, D Bernhard, ...
Biomedical Materials 6 (5), 055003, 2011
Impact of hydrogel stiffness on differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cell microspheroids
S ®igon-Branc, M Markovic, J Van Hoorick, S Van Vlierberghe, P Dubruel, ...
Tissue Engineering Part A 25 (19-20), 1369-1380, 2019
Metallo‐supramolecular gels that are photocleavable with visible and near‐infrared irradiation
S Theis, A Iturmendi, C Gorsche, M Orthofer, M Lunzer, S Baudis, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (50), 15857-15860, 2017
Combining cure depth and cure degree, a new way to fully characterize novel photopolymers
C Hofstetter, S Orman, S Baudis, J Stampfl
Additive Manufacturing 24, 166-172, 2018
Hard‐block degradable thermoplastic urethane‐elastomers for electrospun vascular prostheses
S Baudis, SC Ligon, K Seidler, G Weigel, C Grasl, H Bergmeister, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 50 (7), 1272-1280, 2012
(Meth) acrylate‐based photoelastomers as tailored biomaterials for artificial vascular grafts
S Baudis, C Heller, R Liska, J Stampfl, H Bergmeister, G Weigel
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 47 (10), 2664-2676, 2009
Composition that can be cured by polymerisation for the production of biodegradable, biocompatible, cross-linkable polymers on the basis of polyvinyl alcohol
R Liska, J Stampfl, F Varga, H Gruber, S Baudis, C Heller, M Schuster, ...
US Patent 8,999,323, 2015
3D printing and biofabrication
A Ovsianikov, J Yoo, V Mironov
Springer, 2018
Modular material system for the microfabrication of biocompatible hydrogels based on thiol–ene‐modified poly (vinyl alcohol)
S Baudis, D Bomze, M Markovic, P Gruber, A Ovsianikov, R Liska
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 54 (13), 2060-2070, 2016
Differentiation of physical and chemical cross-linking in gelatin methacryloyl hydrogels
L Rebers, R Reichsöllner, S Regett, GEM Tovar, K Borchers, S Baudis, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 3256, 2021
Biodegradable stereolithography resins with defined mechanical properties
J Stampfl, M Schuster, S Baudis, H Lichtenegger, R Liska, C Turecek, ...
Virtual and Rapid Manufacturing, 283-287, 2007
Physically and chemically gelling hydrogel formulations based on poly (ethylene glycol) diacrylate and Poloxamer 407
F Markus, F Dreher, S Laschat, S Baudis, GEM Tovar, A Southan
Polymer 108, 21-28, 2017
Surface characterization and protein interaction of a series of model poly [acrylonitrile-co-(N-vinyl pyrrolidone)] nanocarriers for drug targeting
S Staufenbiel, M Merino, W Li, MD Huang, S Baudis, A Lendlein, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 485 (1-2), 87-96, 2015
Hyaluronic acid vinyl esters: A toolbox toward controlling mechanical properties of hydrogels for 3D microfabrication
E Zerobin, M Markovic, Z Tomáąiková, XH Qin, D Ret, P Steinbauer, ...
Journal of Polymer Science 58 (9), 1288-1298, 2020
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