Stéphane Descombes
Stéphane Descombes
Université Côte d'Azur
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Order estimates in time of splitting methods for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
C Besse, B Bidégaray, S Descombes
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Operator splitting for nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems with an entropic structure: singular perturbation and order reduction
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S Descombes
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An exact local error representation of exponential operator splitting methods for evolutionary problems and applications to linear Schrödinger equations in the semi-classical …
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M Duarte, M Massot, S Descombes, C Tenaud, T Dumont, V Louvet, ...
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A new numerical strategy with space-time adaptivity and error control for multi-scale streamer discharge simulations
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Strang's formula for holomorphic semi-groups
S Descombes, M Schatzman
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Simulation of human ischemic stroke in realistic 3D geometry
T Dumont, M Duarte, S Descombes, MA Dronne, M Massot, V Louvet
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Adaptive time splitting method for multi-scale evolutionary partial differential equations
S Descombes, M Duarte, T Dumont, V Louvet, M Massot
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Energy-preserving methods for nonlinear Schrödinger equations
C Besse, S Descombes, G Dujardin, I Lacroix-Violet
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Time–space adaptive numerical methods for the simulation of combustion fronts
M Duarte, S Descombes, C Tenaud, S Candel, M Massot
Combustion and Flame 160 (6), 1083-1101, 2013
An implicit hybridized discontinuous Galerkin method for the 3D time-domain Maxwell equations
A Christophe, S Descombes, S Lanteri
Applied Mathematics and Computation 319, 395-408, 2018
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