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Behzad Satari
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Citrus processing wastes: Environmental impacts, recent advances, and future perspectives in total valorization
B Satari, K Karimi
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 129, 153-167, 2018
Cellulose solvent-based pretreatment for enhanced second-generation biofuel production: a review
B Satari, K Karimi, R Kumar
Sustainable energy & fuels 3 (1), 11-62, 2019
Optimisation of dilute-acid pretreatment conditions for enhancement sugar recovery and enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat straw
BS Baboukani, M Vossoughi, I Alemzadeh
Biosystems engineering 111 (2), 166-174, 2012
Co-production of fungal biomass derived constituents and ethanol from citrus wastes free sugars without auxiliary nutrients in airlift bioreactor
B Satari, K Karimi, MJ Taherzadeh, A Zamani
International journal of molecular sciences 17 (3), 302, 2016
Process optimization for citrus waste biorefinery via simultaneous pectin extraction and pretreatment
B Satari, J Palhed, K Karimi, M Lundin, MJ Taherzadeh, A Zamani
BioResources 12 (1), 1706-1722, 2017
Mucoralean fungi for sustainable production of bioethanol and biologically active molecules
B Satari, K Karimi
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 102 (3), 1097-1117, 2018
Oil, chitosan, and ethanol production by dimorphic fungus Mucor indicus from different lignocelluloses
B Satari, K Karimi, A Zamani
Jornal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 2015
Application of a mixture design to identify the effects of substrates ratios and interactions on anaerobic co-digestion of municipal sludge, grease trap waste, and meat …
S Kashi, B Satari, M Lundin, IS Horvath, M Othman
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5 (6), 6156-6164, 2017
Cellulose solvent-based pretreatment for enhanced second-generation biofuel production: a review. Sustainable Energy Fuels 3 (1): 11–62
B Satari, K Karimi, R Kumar
Integrated biorefinery of aquatic fern Azolla filiculoides for enhanced extraction of phenolics, protein, and lipid and methane production from the residues
M Dohaei, K Karimi, M Rahimmalek, B Satari
Journal of Cleaner Production 276, 123175, 2020
Green fractionation of 2G and 3G feedstocks for ethanol production: advances, incentives and barriers
B Satari, AK Jaiswal
Current opinion in food science 37, 1-9, 2021
Structural features influential to enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose-solvent-based pretreated pinewood and elmwood for ethanol production
B Satari, K Karimi, M Molaverdi
Bioprocess and biosystems engineering 41 (2), 249-264, 2018
Process optimization for dilute acid and enzymatic hydrolysis of waste wheat bread and its effect on aflatoxin fate and ethanol production
S Torabi, B Satari, SR Hassan-Beygi
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 11 (6), 2617-2625, 2021
Sustainable and effective chitosan production by dimorphic fungus Mucor rouxii via replacing yeast extract with fungal extract
L Abasian, R Shafiei Alavijeh, B Satari, K Karimi
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 191 (2), 666-678, 2020
Bioethanol: current status and future perspectives
B Satari, K Karimi, JM Taherzadeh
Biofuels refining and performance, 2nd edn. Mc Graw Hill, New York, 2019
Process Design in Fungal-Based Biofuel Production Systems
B Satari, K Karimi
Fungi in Fuel Biotechnology, 177-198, 2020
Cellulose solvent-based pretreatment for enhanced second-generation biofuel
B Satari, K Karimi, R Kumar
Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 3 (1), 2018
Critical Impacts of Hydrothermal Pretreatment Solid Loading on Ethanol Production from Biogenic Municipal Solid Waste
P Mahmoodi, B Satari, K Karimi
Available at SSRN 3881635, 0
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