Yonglong Luo
Yonglong Luo
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DDoS detection and defense mechanism based on cognitive-inspired computing in SDN
J Cui, M Wang, Y Luo, H Zhong
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Privacy preserving id3 algorithm over horizontally partitioned data
MJ Xiao, LS Huang, YL Luo, H Shen
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罗永龙, 黄刘生, 荆巍巍, 徐维江
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Privacy protection in the relative position determination for two spatial geometric objects.
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Probability method for Cerenkov luminescence tomography based on conformance error minimization
X Ding, K Wang, B Jie, Y Luo, Z Hu, J Tian
Biomedical optics express 5 (7), 2091-2112, 2014
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