Itsaso Olasagasti
Itsaso Olasagasti
Department of Neuroscience, University of Geneva
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Citat de
Gravity of higher-dimensional global defects
I Olasagasti, A Vilenkin
Physical Review D 62 (4), 044014, 2000
Functional dissection of circuitry in a neural integrator
E Aksay, I Olasagasti, BD Mensh, R Baker, MS Goldman, DW Tank
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Gravity dependence of subjective visual vertical variability
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A modeling framework for deriving the structural and functional architecture of a short-term memory microcircuit
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Atypical coordination of cortical oscillations in response to speech in autism
D Jochaut, K Lehongre, A Saitovitch, AD Devauchelle, I Olasagasti, ...
Frontiers in human neuroscience 9, 171, 2015
Combining predictive coding and neural oscillations enables online syllable recognition in natural speech
S Hovsepyan, I Olasagasti, AL Giraud
Nature communications 11 (1), 3117, 2020
Quest for localized 4D black holes in brane worlds. II. Removing the bulk singularities
P Kanti, I Olasagasti, K Tamvakis
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Role of cerebellum in motion perception and vestibulo-ocular reflex—similarities and disparities
AG Shaikh, A Palla, S Marti, I Olasagasti, LM Optican, DS Zee, ...
The Cerebellum 12, 97-107, 2013
Scalar field cosmologies with barotropic matter: models of Bianchi class B
AP Billyard, AA Coley, RJ Van den Hoogen, J Ibánez, I Olasagasti
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Prediction across sensory modalities: A neurocomputational model of the McGurk effect
I Olasagasti, S Bouton, AL Giraud
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Egocentric and allocentric alignment tasks are affected by otolith input
AA Tarnutzer, CJ Bockisch, I Olasagasti, D Straumann
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Gaze holding in healthy subjects
G Bertolini, AA Tarnutzer, I Olasagasti, E Khojasteh, KP Weber, ...
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Schwarzschild black branes and strings in higher-dimensional brane worlds
P Kanti, I Olasagasti, K Tamvakis
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Isotropization of scalar field Bianchi type-IX models with an exponential potential
RJ Van Den Hoogen, I Olasagasti
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Velocity storage mechanism in zebrafish larvae
CC Chen, CJ Bockisch, G Bertolini, I Olasagasti, SCF Neuhauss, ...
The Journal of physiology 592 (1), 203-214, 2014
Gravitating global defects: the gravitational field and compactification
I Olasagasti
Physical Review D 63 (12), 124016, 2001
On the evolution of a large class of inhomogeneous scalar-field cosmologies
J Ibanez, I Olasagasti
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Gravity in higher codimension de Sitter brane worlds
I Olasagasti, K Tamvakis
Physical Review D 68 (6), 064016, 2003
Asymptotic behavior of a class of inhomogeneous scalar field cosmologies
J Ibánez, I Olasagasti
Journal of Mathematical Physics 37 (12), 6283-6292, 1996
Positive or negative feedback of optokinetic signals: degree of the misrouted optic flow determines system dynamics of human ocular motor behavior
CC Chen, CJ Bockisch, I Olasagasti, KP Weber, D Straumann, ...
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 55 (4), 2297-2306, 2014
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