Julian Alonso-Chamarro
Julian Alonso-Chamarro
Professor of Analytical Chemistry
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Citat de
Application of ion sensitive field effect transistor based sensors to soil analysis
J Artigas, A Beltran, C Jimenez, A Baldi, R Mas, C Domınguez, J Alonso
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Green-tape ceramics. New technological approach for integrating electronics and fluidics in microsystems
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Absorbance-based integrated optical sensors
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Determination of probable alcohol yield in musts by means of an SPR optical sensor
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Flow injection system for on-line potentiometric monitoring of ammonia in freshwater streams
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Aroylthioureas: new organic ionophores for heavy-metal ion selective electrodes
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Mercury (II) ion-selective electrode. Study of 1, 3-diphenylthiourea as ionophore
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Flow-through sandwich PVC matrix membrane electrode for flow injection analysis
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Determination of trace levels of anionic surfactants in river water and wastewater by a flow injection analysis system with on-line preconcentration and potentiometric detection
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Polyurethane–acrylate photocurable polymeric membrane for ion-sensitive field-effect transistor based urea biosensors
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A ceramic microreactor for the synthesis of water soluble CdS and CdS/ZnS nanocrystals with on-line optical characterization
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Nanoscale 4 (4), 1328-1335, 2012
Continuous flow synthesis of nanoparticles using ceramic microfluidic devices
S Gómez-de Pedro, M Puyol, J Alonso-Chamarro
Nanotechnology 21 (41), 415603, 2010
Determination of total and free sulfur dioxide in wine by flow injection analysis and gas-diffusion using p-aminoazobenzene as the colorimetric reagent
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Sequential flow-injection determinations of calcium and magnesium in waters
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Analytica Chimica Acta 179, 503-508, 1986
Continuous flow analytical microsystems based on low-temperature co-fired ceramic technology. Integrated potentiometric detection based on solvent polymeric ion-selective …
N Ibanez-Garcia, MB Mercader, Z Mendes da Rocha, CA Seabra, ...
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Soil calcium and pH monitoring sensor system
SG Lemos, ARA Nogueira, A Torre-Neto, A Parra, J Alonso
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Synthesis and spectroscopic characterisation of heptamethincyanine NIR dyes for their use in optochemical sensors
C Encinas, S Miltsov, E Otazo, L Rivera, M Puyol, J Alonso
Dyes and pigments 71 (1), 28-36, 2006
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