Gabriela (N) Chiritoiu
Gabriela (N) Chiritoiu
Postdoc, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy
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Tyrosinase degradation is prevented when EDEM1 lacks the intrinsically disordered region
MB Marin, S Ghenea, LN Spiridon, GN Chiritoiu, AJ Petrescu, ...
Public Library of Science 7 (8), e42998, 2012
Silencing the cytoskeleton protein Iba1 (ionized calcium binding adapter protein 1) interferes with BV2 microglia functioning
RO Gheorghe, A Deftu, A Filippi, A Grosu, M Bica-Popi, M Chiritoiu, ...
Cellular and molecular neurobiology 40, 1011-1027, 2020
Characterization of functional transient receptor potential melastatin 8 channels in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells
D Cucu, G Chiritoiu, S Petrescu, A Babes, L Stanica, DG Duda, A Horii, ...
Pancreas 43 (5), 795-800, 2014
Functionalized graphene oxide thin films for anti-tumor drug delivery to melanoma cells
LE Sima, G Chiritoiu, I Negut, V Grumezescu, S Orobeti, CVA Munteanu, ...
Frontiers in chemistry 8, 184, 2020
EDEM1 drives misfolded protein degradation via ERAD and exploits ER-phagy as back-up mechanism when ERAD is impaired
M Chiritoiu, GN Chiritoiu, CVA Munteanu, F Pastrama, NE Ivessa, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (10), 3468, 2020
Functional expression of the transient receptor potential ankyrin type 1 channel in pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells
F Cojocaru, T Șelescu, D Domocoș, L Măruțescu, G Chiritoiu, NR Chelaru, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 2018, 2021
Laser deposition of poly (3-hydroxybutyric acid-co-3-hydroxyvaleric acid)–Lysozyme microspheres based coatings with anti-microbial properties
V Grumezescu, AM Holban, LE Sima, MB Chiritoiu, GN Chiritoiu, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 521 (1-2), 184-195, 2017
Epitope located N‐glycans impair the MHC‐I epitope generation and presentation
GN Chiritoiu, C Jandus, CVA Munteanu, S Ghenea, PO Gannon, ...
Electrophoresis 37 (11), 1448-1460, 2016
N-glycosylation of the transient receptor potential melastatin 8 channel is altered in pancreatic cancer cells
R Ulăreanu, G Chirițoiu, F Cojocaru, A Deftu, V Ristoiu, L Stănică, ...
Tumor Biology 39 (10), 1010428317720940, 2017
Profiling optimal conditions for capturing EDEM proteins complexes in melanoma using mass spectrometry
CVA Munteanu, GN Chirițoiu, AJ Petrescu, ȘM Petrescu
Advancements of mass spectrometry in biomedical research, 155-167, 2019
Affinity proteomics and deglycoproteomics uncover novel EDEM2 endogenous substrates and an integrative ERAD network
CVA Munteanu, GN Chirițoiu, M Chirițoiu, S Ghenea, AJ Petrescu, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 20, 2021
Isolation, characterization, and mode of action of a class III bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus helveticus 34.9
IR Angelescu, SS Grosu-Tudor, LR Cojoc, GM Maria, GN Chirițoiu, ...
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 38 (12), 220, 2022
Inhibition of N-glycan processing modulates the network of EDEM3 interactors
CM Butnaru, MB Chiritoiu, GN Chiritoiu, SM Petrescu, AJ Petrescu
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 486 (4), 978-984, 2017
EDEM3 domains cooperate to perform its overall cell functioning
G Manica, S Ghenea, CVA Munteanu, EC Martin, C Butnaru, M Surleac, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (4), 2172, 2021
N-glycosylation state of TRPM8 protein revealed by terahertz spectroscopy and molecular modelling
M Mernea, R Ulăreanu, O Călboreanu, G Chirițoiu, D Cucu, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1864 (7), 129580, 2020
Dataset of human EDEM2 melanoma cells proteomics, affinity proteomics and deglycoproteomics
GN Chirițoiu, M Chirițoiu, CVA Munteanu
Data in Brief 39, 107471, 2021
A novel adaptive fluorescent probe for cell labelling
AG Coman, A Paun, CC Popescu, ND Hădade, A Hanganu, G Chiritoiu, ...
Bioorganic Chemistry 92, 103295, 2019
Switching rat resident macrophages from M1 to M2 phenotype by iba1 silencing has analgesic effects in SNL-induced neuropathic pain
RO Gheorghe, AV Grosu, M Magercu, MS Ghenghea, CE Zbarcea, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (21), 15831, 2023
Publisher Correction: Functional expression of the transient receptor potential ankyrin type 1 channel in pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells
F Cojocaru, T Șelescu, D Domocoș, L Măruțescu, G Chiritoiu, NR Chelaru, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 8853, 2021
Novel luciferase‐based glucagon‐like peptide 1 reporter assay reveals naturally occurring secretagogues
SA Anghel, RA Badea, G Chiritoiu, DS Patriche, PR Alexandru, F Pena
British Journal of Pharmacology 179 (19), 4738-4753, 2022
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