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A Fast and Scalable Method for A-Optimal Design of Experiments for Infinite-dimensional Bayesian Nonlinear Inverse Problems
A Alexanderian, N Petra, G Stadler, O Ghattas
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 38 (1), A243–A272, 2016
A-Optimal Design of Experiments for Infinite-Dimensional Bayesian Linear Inverse Problems with Regularized -Sparsification
A Alexanderian, N Petra, G Stadler, O Ghattas
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 36 (5), A2122-A2148, 2014
Mean-variance risk-averse optimal control of systems governed by PDEs with random parameter fields using quadratic approximations
A Alexanderian, N Petra, G Stadler, O Ghattas
SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification 5 (1), 1166-1192, 2017
On Bayesian A-and D-optimal experimental designs in infinite dimensions
A Alexanderian, PJ Gloor, O Ghattas
http://projecteuclid.org/euclid.ba/1440594948, 2016
Randomized Matrix-free Trace and Log-Determinant Estimators
AK Saibaba, A Alexanderian, ICF Ipsen
Numerische Mathematik, 2017
Global sensitivity analysis in an ocean general circulation model: a sparse spectral projection approach
A Alexanderian, J Winokur, I Sraj, A Srinivasan, M Iskandarani, ...
Computational Geosciences 16, 757-778, 2012
JHelioviewer: Visualizing large sets of solar images using JPEG 2000
D Muller, B Fleck, G Dimitoglou, BW Caplins, DE Amadigwe, JPG Ortiz, ...
Computing in Science & Engineering 11 (5), 38-47, 2009
Optimal experimental design for infinite-dimensional Bayesian inverse problems governed by PDEs: A review
A Alexanderian
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.12998, 2020
A brief note on the Karhunen-Loève expansion
A Alexanderian
arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.07526, 2015
Variance-based sensitivity analysis for time-dependent processes
A Alexanderian, PA Gremaud, RC Smith
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.08030, 2020
Goal-oriented optimal design of experiments for large-scale Bayesian linear inverse problems
A Attia, A Alexanderian, AK Saibaba
Inverse Problems 34 (9), 095009, 2018
An age-structured model for the spread of epidemic cholera: analysis and simulation
A Alexanderian, MK Gobbert, KR Fister, H Gaff, S Lenhart, E Schaefer
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 12 (6), 3483-3498, 2011
Efficient D-optimal design of experiments for infinite-dimensional Bayesian linear inverse problems
A Alexanderian, AK Saibaba
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 40 (5), A2956-A2985, 2018
Efficient computation of Sobol'indices for stochastic models
JL Hart, A Alexanderian, PA Gremaud
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing., 2017
Multiscale stochastic preconditioners in non-intrusive spectral projection
A Alexanderian, OP Le Maître, HN Najm, M Iskandarani, OM Knio
Journal of Scientific Computing 50, 306-340, 2012
Bayesian inference of drag parameters using AXBT data from Typhoon Fanapi
I Sraj, M Iskandarani, A Srinivasan, WC Thacker, J Winokur, ...
Monthly Weather Review 141 (7), 2347-2367, 2013
A-optimal encoding weights for nonlinear inverse problems, with applications to the Helmholtz inverse problem
B Crestel, A Alexanderian, G Stadler, O Ghattas
Inverse Problems, 2017
Hyper-differential sensitivity analysis for inverse problems constrained by partial differential equations
I Sunseri, J Hart, B van Bloemen Waanders, A Alexanderian
Inverse Problems 36 (12), 125001, 2020
Optimal experimental design under irreducible uncertainty for linear inverse problems governed by PDEs
K Koval, A Alexanderian, G Stadler
Inverse Problems 36 (7), 075007, 2020
Active subspace-based dimension reduction for chemical kinetics applications with epistemic uncertainty
M Vohra, A Alexanderian, H Guy, S Mahadevan
Combustion and Flame 204, 152-161, 2019
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