Marko Petkovic
Marko Petkovic
University of Nis, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Computer Science
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Citat de
Citat de
Modified simple equation method for nonlinear evolution equations
AJM Jawad, MD Petković, A Biswas
Applied Mathematics and Computation 217 (2), 869-877, 2010
On the linear weighted sum method for multi-objective optimization
IP Stanimirovic, ML Zlatanovic, MD Petkovic
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World Scientific, 2018
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Soliton solutions of Burgers equations and perturbed Burgers equation
AJM Jawad, MD Petković, A Biswas
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Solitons and conserved quantities of the Ito equation
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Some classes of integral circulant graphs either allowing or not allowing perfect state transfer
M Baąić, MD Petković
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Gauss–Jordan elimination method for computing outer inverses
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Generalized matrix inversion is not harder than matrix multiplication
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Gradient neural dynamics for solving matrix equations and their applications
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Symbolic computation of weighted Moore–Penrose inverse using partitioning method
MB Tasić, PS Stanimirović, MD Petković
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MD Petković, M Baąić
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Neurocomputing 289, 155-165, 2018
Symbolic computation of the Moore–Penrose inverse using a partitioning method
MD Petković, PS Stanimirović
International Journal of Computer Mathematics 82 (3), 355-367, 2005
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