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Limiting gaming opportunities on incentive-based demand response programs
J Vuelvas, F Ruiz, G Gruosso
Applied Energy 225, 668-681, 2018
Direct filtering: A new approach to optimal filter design for nonlinear systems
C Novara, F Ruiz, M Milanese
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An optimal control approach to steam distillation of essential oils from aromatic plants
F Valderrama, F Ruiz
Computers & Chemical Engineering 117, 25-31, 2018
Modeling and control of water booster pressure systems as flexible loads for demand response
C Diaz, F Ruiz, D Patino
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Direct identification of optimal SM-LPV filters and application to vehicle yaw rate estimation
C Novara, F Ruiz, M Milanese
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A time-of-use pricing strategy for managing electric vehicle clusters
J Vuelvas, F Ruiz, G Gruosso
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Rational consumer decisions in a peak time rebate program
J Vuelvas, F Ruiz
Electric Power Systems Research 143, 533-543, 2017
Optimal strategy to exploit the flexibility of an electric vehicle charging station
C Diaz-Londono, L Colangelo, F Ruiz, D Patino, C Novara, G Chicco
Energies 12 (20), 3834, 2019
A novel incentive-based demand response model for Cournot competition in electricity markets
J Vuelvas, F Ruiz
Energy Systems 10 (1), 95-112, 2019
pH measurement IoT system for precision agriculture applications
GA Taylor, HB Torres, F Ruiz, MN Marin, DIM Chaves, LT Arboleda, ...
IEEE Latin America Transactions 17 (05), 823-832, 2019
Direct data-driven filter design for uncertain LTI systems with bounded noise
M Milanese, F Ruiz, M Taragna
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A study on the use of virtual sensors in vehicle control
M Canale, L Fagiano, F Ruiz, MC Signorile
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Direct design from data of optimal filters for LPV systems
F Ruiz, C Novara, M Milanese
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Experimental modeling and aggregation strategy for thermoelectric refrigeration units as flexible loads
C Diaz-Londono, D Enescu, F Ruiz, A Mazza
Applied Energy 272, 115065, 2020
A virtual sensor for electric vehicles’ state of charge estimation
G Gruosso, G Storti Gajani, F Ruiz, JD Valladolid, D Patino
Electronics 9 (2), 278, 2020
Smart charge of an electric vehicles station: A model predictive control approach
C Diaz, F Ruiz, D Patino
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Linear virtual sensors for vertical dynamics of vehicles with controlled suspensions
M Milanese, F Ruiz, M Taragna
2007 European Control Conference (ECC), 1257-1263, 2007
Production and characterization of a human lysosomal recombinant iduronate‐2‐sulfatase produced in Pichia pastoris
N Pimentel, A Rodríguez‐Lopez, S Díaz, JC Losada, DJ Díaz‐Rincón, ...
Biotechnology and applied biochemistry 65 (5), 655-664, 2018
Virtual sensors for linear dynamic systems: structure and identification
T Michele, R Fredy, M Mario
The 3rd international IEEE scientific conference on physics and control …, 2007
Coordination of specialised energy aggregators for balancing service provision
C Diaz-Londono, CA Correa-Florez, J Vuelvas, A Mazza, F Ruiz, ...
Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks 32, 100817, 2022
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