Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Cristian Tudor Matea
Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Cristian Tudor Matea
Chemical Biology and Biological Therapeutics, University of Salzburg
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Quantum dots in imaging, drug delivery and sensor applications
CT Matea, T Mocan, F Tabaran, T Pop, O Mosteanu, C Puia, C Iancu, ...
International journal of nanomedicine 12, 5421, 2017
Carotenoids, total polyphenols and antioxidant activity of grapes (Vitis vinifera) cultivated in organic and conventional systems
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Development of nanoparticle-based optical sensors for pathogenic bacterial detection
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Enhanced laser thermal ablation for the in vitro treatment of liver cancer by specific delivery of multiwalled carbon nanotubes functionalized with human serum albumin
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Photothermal treatment of human pancreatic cancer using PEGylated multi-walled carbon nanotubes induces apoptosis by triggering mitochondrial membrane depolarization mechanism
T Mocan, CT Matea, I Cojocaru, I Ilie, FA Tabaran, F Zaharie, C Iancu, ...
Journal of Cancer 5 (8), 679, 2014
In vitro administration of gold nanoparticles functionalized with MUC-1 protein fragment generates anticancer vaccine response via macrophage activation and polarization mechanism
T Mocan, C Matea, F Tabaran, C Iancu, R Orasan, L Mocan
Journal of Cancer 6 (6), 583, 2015
Seasonal changes of buffalo colostrum: Physicochemical parameters, fatty acids andcholesterol variation
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Photothermal treatment of liver cancer with albumin-conjugated gold nanoparticles initiates Golgi Apparatus–ER dysfunction and caspase-3 apoptotic pathway activation by …
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Laser thermal ablation of multidrug-resistant bacteria using functionalized gold nanoparticles
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Silver nanoparticles for the therapy of tuberculosis
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Efficient siRNA delivery system using carboxilated single-wall carbon nanotubes in cancer treatment
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Selective in vitro photothermal nano-therapy of MRSA infections mediated by IgG conjugated gold nanoparticles
L Mocan, C Matea, FA Tabaran, O Mosteanu, T Pop, C Puia, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 1-9, 2016
Surface plasmon resonance-induced photoactivation of gold nanoparticles as bactericidal agents against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
L Mocan, I Ilie, C Matea, F Tabaran, E Kalman, C Iancu, T Mocan
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Selective ex vivo photothermal nano-therapy of solid liver tumors mediated by albumin conjugated gold nanoparticles
L Mocan, C Matea, FA Tabaran, O Mosteanu, T Pop, C Puia, ...
Biomaterials 119, 33-42, 2017
Tocopherol content in vegetable oils using a rapid HPLC fluorescence detection method
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Comparative analysis of lipophilic compounds in eggs of organically raised ISA Brown and Araucana hens
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Nanotechnology in metastatic cancer treatment: current achievements and future research trends
D Gonciar, T Mocan, CT Matea, C Zdrehus, O Mosteanu, L Mocan, T Pop
Journal of Cancer 10 (6), 1358, 2019
Selective laser ablation of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus with IgG functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes
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Journal of biomedical nanotechnology 12 (4), 781-788, 2016
Antioxidant Effect of Vitamin E and Selenium on Omega-3 Enriched Poultry Meat.
C Taulescu, M Mihaiu, C Bele, C Matea, SD Dan, R Mihaiu, A Lapusan
Bulletin of the University of Agricultural Sciences & Veterinary Medicine …, 2011
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