Ander Ramos Murguialday
Ander Ramos Murguialday
University of Tubingen / Tecnalia
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Citat de
Brain–machine interface in chronic stroke rehabilitation: a controlled study
A Ramos‐Murguialday, D Broetz, M Rea, L Läer, Ö Yilmaz, FL Brasil, ...
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N Birbaumer, AR Murguialday, L Cohen
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A Chatterjee, V Aggarwal, A Ramos, S Acharya, NV Thakor
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Proprioceptive feedback and brain computer interface (BCI) based neuroprostheses
A Ramos-Murguialday, M Schürholz, V Caggiano, M Wildgruber, A Caria, ...
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AR Murguialday, J Hill, M Bensch, S Martens, S Halder, F Nijboer, ...
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On the usage of linear regression models to reconstruct limb kinematics from low frequency EEG signals
JM Antelis, L Montesano, A Ramos-Murguialday, N Birbaumer, J Minguez
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Brain oscillatory signatures of motor tasks
A Ramos-Murguialday, N Birbaumer
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Brain-machine interface in chronic stroke: randomized trial long-term follow-up
A Ramos-Murguialday, MR Curado, D Broetz, Ö Yilmaz, FL Brasil, ...
Neurorehabilitation and neural repair 33 (3), 188-198, 2019
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D Weiss, R Klotz, RB Govindan, M Scholten, G Naros, ...
Brain 138 (3), 679-693, 2015
EEG-based BCI for the linear control of an upper-limb neuroprosthesis
C Vidaurre, C Klauer, T Schauer, A Ramos-Murguialday, KR Müller
Medical engineering & physics 38 (11), 1195-1204, 2016
Offline identification of imagined speed of wrist movements in paralyzed ALS patients from single-trial EEG
Y Gu, D Farina, AR Murguialday, K Dremstrup, P Montoya, N Birbaumer
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AR Murguialday, V Aggarwal, A Chatterjee, Y Cho, R Rasmussen, ...
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IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering 64 (1), 99-111, 2016
Coupling BCI and cortical stimulation for brain-state-dependent stimulation: methods for spectral estimation in the presence of stimulation after-effects
A Walter, AR Murguialday, W Rosenstiel, N Birbaumer, M Bogdan
Frontiers in neural circuits 6, 87, 2012
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