Isabelle Perroteau
Isabelle Perroteau
Professor of cell biology, university of Torino, Italy
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Blood vessels form a scaffold for neuroblast migration in the adult olfactory bulb
S Bovetti, YC Hsieh, P Bovolin, I Perroteau, T Kazunori, AC Puche
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Acylated and unacylated ghrelin impair skeletal muscle atrophy in mice
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cAMP response element-binding protein regulates differentiation and survival of newborn neurons in the olfactory bulb
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Loss of growth responsiveness to epidermal growth factor and enhanced production of alpha‐transforming growth factors in ras‐transformed mouse mammary …
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Direct radioimmunoassays for plasma corticosterone and aldosterone in frog. I. Validation of the methods and evidence for daily rhythms in a natural environment
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c‐erbB‐2 and ras expression levels in breast cancer are correlated and show a co‐operative association with unfavorable clinical outcome
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Functional and morphological assessment of a standardized crush injury of the rat median nerve
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ErbB4 expression in neural progenitor cells (ST14A) is necessary to mediate neuregulin-1β1-induced migration
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Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (47), 48808-48816, 2004
Neuregulin 1 role in Schwann cell regulation and potential applications to promote peripheral nerve regeneration
G Gambarotta, F Fregnan, S Gnavi, I Perroteau
International review of neurobiology 108, 223-256, 2013
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