Dr Mohammad Mehedi Hasan
Dr Mohammad Mehedi Hasan
Fuel and Energy Research Group, Central Queensland University, Australia
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Performance and emission characteristics of biodiesel–diesel blend and environmental and economic impacts of biodiesel production: A review
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Fast pyrolysis of Beauty Leaf Fruit Husk (BLFH) in an auger reactor: Effect of temperature on the yield and physicochemical properties of BLFH oil
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Fuelling the future: Unleashing energy and exergy efficiency from municipal green waste pyrolysis
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Advances in identifying and managing emerging contaminants in aquatic ecosystems: Analytical approaches, toxicity assessment, transformation pathways, environmental fate, and …
M Mofijur, MM Hasan, SF Ahmed, F Djavanroodi, IMR Fattah, AS Silitonga, ...
Environmental Pollution, 122889, 2023
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