Gaurav Somani
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DDoS attacks in cloud computing: Issues, taxonomy, and future directions
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DDoS/EDoS attack in cloud: affecting everyone out there!
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Service resizing for quick DDoS mitigation in cloud computing environment
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Access control and authentication in the internet of things environment
AK Ranjan, G Somani
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QuickDedup: Efficient VM deduplication in cloud computing environments
S Saharan, G Somani, G Gupta, R Verma, MS Gaur, R Buyya
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DDoS victim service containment to minimize the internal collateral damages in cloud computing
G Somani, MS Gaur, D Sanghi, M Conti, M Rajarajan
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Anti-Hijack: Runtime detection of malware initiated hijacking in android
VG Shankar, G Somani
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Performance isolation and scheduler behavior
G Somani, S Chaudhary
2010 First International Conference On Parallel, Distributed and Grid …, 2010
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