Elmar Schmaltz
Elmar Schmaltz
Federal Agency for Water Management
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The influence of forest cover on landslide occurrence explored with spatio-temporal information
EM Schmaltz, S Steger, T Glade
Geomorphology 290, 250-264, 2017
The (f) utility to account for pre-failure topography in data-driven landslide susceptibility modelling
S Steger, E Schmaltz, T Glade
Geomorphology 354, 107041, 2020
Strategies to improve the explanatory power of a dynamic slope stability model by enhancing land cover parameterisation and model complexity
EM Schmaltz, LPH Van Beek, TA Bogaard, S Kraushaar, S Steger, ...
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 44 (6), 1259-1273, 2019
Dynamic characterization of a slow-moving landslide system–Assessing the challenges of small process scales utilizing multi-temporal TLS data
MJ Stumvoll, EM Schmaltz, T Glade
Geomorphology 389, 107803, 2021
Integration of root systems into a GIS-based slip surface model: computational experiments in a generic hillslope environment
EM Schmaltz, M Mergili
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Interpreting gaps: A geoarchaeological point of view on the Gravettian record of Ach and Lone valleys (Swabian Jura, SW Germany)
A Barbieri, F Bachofer, EM Schmaltz, C Leven, NJ Conard, CE Miller
Journal of Archaeological Science 127, 105335, 2021
Tree stem shapes derived from TLS data as an indicator for shallow landslides
D Wang, M Hollaus, E Schmaltz, M Wieser, D Reifeltshammer, N Pfeifer
Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 16, 185-194, 2016
Evaluation of shallow landslides in the Northern Walgau (Austria) using morphometric analysis techniques
E Schmaltz, S Steger, R Bell, T Glade, R van Beek, T Bogaard, D Wang, ...
Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 16, 177-184, 2016
Operational USLE-based modelling of soil erosion in Czech Republic, Austria, and Bavaria—Differences in model adaptation, parametrization, and data availability
P Fiener, T Dostál, J Krása, E Schmaltz, P Strauss, F Wilken
Applied Sciences 10 (10), 3647, 2020
Natural dam lakes from Cuejdiu watershed (Stânișoarei Mountains)—Non–invasive methods used for bathymetric maps
A Mihu-Pintilie, G Romanescu, C Stoleriu, IC Nicu, A Asăndulesei, ...
Proceedings conference of the water resources and wetlands 1, 130-137, 2014
The Walgau: A Landscape Shaped by Landslides
S Steger, E Schmaltz, AC Seijmonsbergen, T Glade
Landscapes and Landforms of Austria, 237-251, 2022
Exploring possibilities of including detailed ALS derived biomass information into physically-based slope stability models at regional scale
E Schmaltz, S Steger, R Bell, T Glade, R van Beek, T Bogaard, D Wang, ...
Landslides and engineered slopes. Experience, theory and practice, 1807-1815, 2018
The integration of landscape processes in archaeological site prediction in the Mugello basin (Tuscany/Italy)
CAA2014: 21st Century Archaeology: Concepts, methods and tools. Proceedings …, 2015
An update of the spatial and temporal variability of rainfall erosivity (R-factor) for the main agricultural production zones of Austria
LL Johannsen, EM Schmaltz, O Mitrovits, A Klik, W Smoliner, S Wang, ...
Catena 215, 106305, 2022
Exploring the dynamics of a complex, slow-moving landslide in the Austrian Flysch Zone with 4D surface and subsurface information
MJ Stumvoll, EM Schmaltz, R Kanta, H Roth, B Grall, J Luhn, ...
CATENA 214, 106203, 2022
Computational slope stability experiments implementing root system morphology in a generic hillslope environment
E Schmaltz, M Mergili, S Steger, T Glade
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2112, 2017
Report on parameterisation of connectivity and mitigation strategies in the frequently-used soil erosion models
LL Johannsen, EM Schmaltz, G Aust, GG Barberá, G Bragato, J Cámara, ...
European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant …, 2022
Assessment of an extreme flood event using rainfall-runoff simulation based on terrain analysis in a small Mediterranean catchment (Vernazza, Cinque Terre National Park)
C Scopesi, I Rellini, M Firpo, E Schmaltz, M Maerker, S Olivari
Geomorphometry for Geosciences, J. Jasiewicz, ZB Zwolinski, H. Mitasova, & T …, 2015
Agricultural intensification vs. climate change: what drives long-term changes in sediment load?
S Wang, B Szeles, C Krammer, E Schmaltz, K Song, Y Li, Z Zhang, ...
Copernicus Publications, 2022
Agricultural intensification vs. climate change: what drives long-term changes in sediment load?
S Wang, B Szeles, C Krammer, E Schmaltz, K Song, Y Li, Z Zhang, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 26 (12), 3021-3036, 2022
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