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Carbaboranes as pharmacophores: properties, synthesis, and application strategies
M Scholz, E Hey-Hawkins
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Pnicogen bonds: a new molecular linker?
S Zahn, R Frank, E Hey‐Hawkins, B Kirchner
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Metal–organic frameworks as competitive materials for non-linear optics
LR Mingabudinova, VV Vinogradov, VA Milichko, E Hey-Hawkins, ...
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Bis (cyclopentadienyl) zirconium (IV) Or Hafnium-(IV) compounds with Si-, Ge-, Sn-, N-, P-, As-, Sb-, O-, S-, Se-, Te-, or transition metal-centered anionic ligands
E Hey-Hawkins
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New keys for old locks: Carborane-containing drugs as platforms for mechanism-based therapies
P Stockmann, M Gozzi, R Kuhnert, MB Sárosi, E Hey-Hawkins
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The first depleted heterojunction TiO 2–MOF-based solar cell
AV Vinogradov, H Zaake-Hertling, E Hey-Hawkins, AV Agafonov, ...
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Formation of elastomeric polypropylene promoted by the dynamic complexes [TiCl2 {N (PPh2) 2} 2] and [Zr (NPhPPh2) 4]
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Redox control of a dendritic ferrocenyl‐based homogeneous catalyst
P Neumann, H Dib, AM Caminade, E Hey‐Hawkins
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Study of the cytotoxic activity of di and triphenyltin (IV) carboxylate complexes
S Gómez-Ruiz, GN Kaluđeroviæ, S Prashar, E Hey-Hawkins, A Eriæ, ...
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Conjugation of cisplatin analogues and cyclooxygenase inhibitors to overcome cisplatin resistance
W Neumann, BC Crews, MB Sárosi, CM Daniel, K Ghebreselasie, ...
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Boron-based compounds: potential and emerging applications in medicine
E Hey-Hawkins, CV Teixidor
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Synthesis and olefin polymerization using supported and non-supported geometry constrained titanium complexes
M Galan-Fereres, T Koch, E Hey-Hawkins, MS Eisen
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Bis (trimethylsilyl) phosphidometal complexes: I. Isolation and NMR spectra of Li4 (μ2-PR2) 2 (μ3-PR2) 2 (THF) 2 (I), Li (PR2 (PMDETA)(II), and X-ray structures of compound I …
E Hey, PB Hitchcock, MF Lappert, AK Rai
Journal of organometallic chemistry 325 (1-2), 1-12, 1987
New functional cyclic aminomethylphosphine ligands for the construction of catalysts for electrochemical hydrogen transformations
EI Musina, VV Khrizanforova, ID Strelnik, MI Valitov, YS Spiridonova, ...
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Epoxidation of olefins catalyzed by novel Mn (III) and Mo (IV)-Salen complexes immobilized on mesoporous silica gel: Part II: Study of the catalytic epoxidation of olefins
T Luts, R Frank, W Suprun, S Fritzsche, E Hey-Hawkins, H Papp
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Synthesis and biological applications of ionic triphenyltin(iv) chloride carboxylate complexes with exceptionally high cytotoxicity
GN Kaluđeroviæ, H Kommera, E Hey-Hawkins, R Paschke, S Gómez-Ruiz
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New dinuclear nickel (II) complexes: synthesis, structure, electrochemical, and magnetic properties
D Yakhvarov, E Trofimova, O Sinyashin, O Kataeva, Y Budnikova, ...
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Unexpected P−Si or P−C Bond Cleavage in the Reaction of Li2[(C5Me4)SiMe2PR] (R = Cyclohexyl, 2,4,6-Me3C6H2) and Li[(C5H4)CMe2PHR] (R = Ph, tBu) with ZrCl4 or [TiCl3(thf)3]:  Formation and Molecular Structure of the ansa-Metallocenes [{(η-C5Me …
T Koch, S Blaurock, FB Somoza, A Voigt, R Kirmse, E Hey-Hawkins
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Conjugates of cisplatin and cyclooxygenase inhibitors as potent antitumor agents overcoming cisplatin resistance
W Neumann, BC Crews, LJ Marnett, E Hey‐Hawkins
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Incorporation of ortho-Carbaboranyl-Nε-Modified l-Lysine into Neuropeptide Y Receptor Y1- and Y2-Selective Analogues
VM Ahrens, R Frank, S Stadlbauer, AG Beck-Sickinger, E Hey-Hawkins
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 54 (7), 2368-2377, 2011
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