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Conversion of food and kitchen waste to value-added products
R Sindhu, E Gnansounou, S Rebello, P Binod, S Varjani, IS Thakur, ...
Journal of environmental management 241, 619-630, 2019
Dilute phosphoric acid pretreatment of wheat bran for enzymatic hydrolysis and subsequent ethanol production by edible fungi Neurospora intermedia
RB Nair, M Lundin, T Brandberg, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
Industrial Crops and Products 69, 314-323, 2015
Valorization of sugar-to-ethanol process waste vinasse: A novel biorefinery approach using edible ascomycetes filamentous fungi
RB Nair, MJ Taherzadeh
Bioresource Technology, 2016
Vegan-mycoprotein concentrate from pea-processing industry byproduct using edible filamentous fungi
PF Souza Filho, RB Nair, D Andersson, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
Fungal biology and biotechnology 5 (1), 1-10, 2018
Mycelial pellet formation by edible ascomycete filamentous fungi, Neurospora intermedia
RB Nair, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
AMB Express 6 (31), 2016
8 – Bioethanol Production From Agricultural and Municipal Wastes
RB Nair, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
Current Developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering- Solid Waste …, 2017
Biological pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass—Current trends and future perspectives
SB Ummalyma, RD Supriya, R Sindhu, P Binod, RB Nair, A Pandey, ...
Second and third generation of feedstocks, 197-212, 2019
Integrated process for ethanol, biogas, and edible filamentous fungi-based animal feed production from dilute phosphoric acid-pretreated wheat straw
RB Nair, MM Kabir, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh, IS Horváth
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 184 (1), 48-62, 2018
Utilization of wheat straw for fungal phytase production
Z Shahryari, MH Fazaelipoor, P Setoodeh, RB Nair, MJ Taherzadeh, ...
International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture 7 (4 …, 2018
Mild-temperature dilute acid pretreatment for integration of first and second generation ethanol processes
RB Nair, M Kalif, JA Ferreira, MJ Taherzadeh, PR Lennartsson
Bioresource technology 245, 145-151, 2017
Western Ghats of India: rich source of microbial biodiversity
KM Nampoothiri, B Ramkumar, A Pandey
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2013
Optimizing dilute phosphoric acid pretreatment of wheat straw in the laboratory and in a demonstration plant for ethanol and edible fungal biomass production using Neurospora …
RB Nair, M Lundin, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 92 (6), 1256-1265, 2017
Patenting of microorganisms: Systems and concerns
R Balachandra Nair, PC Ramachandranna
Journal of Commercial Biotechnology 16 (4), 337-347, 2010
Waste to wealth: valorization of food waste for the production of fuels and chemicals
R Sindhu, P Binod, RB Nair, S Varjani, A Pandey, E Gnansounou
Current developments in biotechnology and bioengineering, 181-197, 2020
Empirical and experimental determination of the kinetics of pellet growth in filamentous fungi: a case study using Neurospora intermedia
OA Osadolor, RB Nair, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
Biochemical engineering journal 124, 115-121, 2017
Biogas production: microbiological aspects
G Robles, RB Nair, S Kleinsteuber, M Nikolausz, I Sárvári Horváth
Biogas, 163-198, 2018
Effect of media rheology and bioreactor hydrodynamics on filamentous fungi fermentation of lignocellulosic and starch-based substrates under pseudoplastic flow conditions
OA Osadolor, M Jabbari, RB Nair, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
Bioresource technology 263, 250-257, 2018
Lignocellulose integration to 1G-ethanol process using filamentous fungi: fermentation prospects of edible strain of Neurospora intermedia
RB Nair, OA Osadolor, VK Ravula, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
BMC biotechnology 18 (1), 1-10, 2018
Exploring Western Ghats microbial diversity for antagonistic microorganisms against fungal phytopathogens of pepper and chickpea.
BN Ramkumar, KM Nampoothiri, U Sheeba, P Jayachandran, ...
Journal of BioScience & Biotechnology 4 (2), 2015
Waste bread valorization using edible filamentous Fungi
RB Nair, T Eh-Hser Nay, PR Lennartsson, MJ Taherzadeh
EUBCE 2017–25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Stockholm Sweden …, 2017
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