Juan C. Agüero
Juan C. Agüero
Alte numejuan carlos aguero, juan aguero, Juan C. Aguero
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Citat de
On identification of FIR systems having quantized output data
BI Godoy, GC Goodwin, JC Agüero, D Marelli, T Wigren
Automatica, 2011
Passivity-based control for multi-vehicle systems subject to string constraints
S Knorn, A Donaire, JC Agüero, RH Middleton
Automatica 50 (12), 3224-3230, 2014
Identifiability of errors in variables dynamic systems
JC Agüero, GC Goodwin
Automatica 44 (2), 371-382, 2008
Sampling and sampled-data models: The interface between the continuous world and digital algorithms
GC Goodwin, JC Aguero, MEC Garridos, ME Salgado, JI Yuz
IEEE control systems magazine 33 (5), 34-53, 2013
Approximate EM algorithms for parameter and state estimation in nonlinear stochastic models
GC Goodwin, JC Aguero
Decision and Control, 2005 and 2005 European Control Conference. CDC-ECC'05 …, 2005
System identification using quantized data
JC Aguero, GC Goodwin, JI Yuz
2007 46th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 4263-4268, 2007
On the equivalence of time and frequency domain maximum likelihood estimation
JC Aguero, JI Yuz, GC Goodwin, RA Delgado
Automatica 46 (2), 260-270, 2010
A virtual closed loop method for closed loop identification
JC Agüero, GC Goodwin, PMJ Van den Hof
Automatica (Journal of IFAC) 47 (8), 1626-1637, 2011
Dual time-frequency domain system identification
JC Agüero, W Tang, JI Yuz, GC Goodwin, R Delgado
Automatica, 2012
Sampling and sampled-data models
GC Goodwin, JI Yuz, JC Agüero, M Cea
American Control Conference (ACC), 2010, 1-20, 2010
Choosing between open-and closed-loop experiments in linear system identification
JC Aguero, GC Goodwin
Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 52 (8), 1475-1480, 2007
Robustness in Experiment Design
C Rojas, JC Aguero, J Welsh, G Goodwin, A Feuer
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 57 (4), 860-874, 2012
Robust identification of process models from plant data
GC Goodwin, JC Agüero, JS Welsh, JI Yuz, GJ Adams, CR Rojas
Journal of Process Control 18 (9), 810-820, 2008
EM-Based Maximum Likelihood Channel Estimation in Multicarrier Systems with Phase Distortion
R Carvajal, J Aguero, B Godoy, G Goodwin
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 62 (1), 152-160, 2013
Identification of continuous-time state-space models from non-uniform fast-sampled data
JI Yuz, J Alfaro, JC Aguero, GC Goodwin
Control Theory & Applications, IET 5 (7), 842-855, 2011
On the equivalence of least costly and traditional experiment design for control
CR Rojas, JC Agüero, JS Welsh, GC Goodwin
Automatica 44 (11), 2706-2715, 2008
Identification of sparse FIR systems using a general quantisation scheme
BI Godoy, JC Agüero, R Carvajal, GC Goodwin, JI Yuz
International Journal of Control 87 (4), 874-886, 2014
A rank-constrained optimization approach: Application to factor analysis
RA Delgado, JC Agüero, GC Goodwin
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 47 (3), 10373-10378, 2014
EM-based identification of continuous-time ARMA models from irregularly sampled data
F Chen, JC Agüero, M Gilson, H Garnier, T Liu
Automatica 77, 293-301, 2017
Scalability of bidirectional vehicle strings with static and dynamic measurement errors
S Knorn, A Donaire, JC Agüero, RH Middleton
Automatica 62, 208-212, 2015
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