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Mohammad Chegini
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Citat de
Interactive labelling of a multivariate dataset for supervised machine learning using linked visualisations, clustering, and active learning
M Chegini, J Bernard, P Berger, A Sourin, K Andrews, T Schreck
Visual Informatics 3 (1), 9--17, 2019
Interactive Visual Labelling versus Active Learning: An Experimental Comparison
M Chegini, J Bernard, J Cui, F Chegini, A Sourin, K Andrews, T Schreck
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering 21, 524-535, 2020
Interactive Visual Exploration of Local Patterns in Large Scatterplot Spaces
M Chegini, L Shao, R Gregor, DJ Lehmann, K Andrews, T Schreck
Computer Graphics Forum 37 (3), 99-109, 2018
Multiple linked-view exploration on large displays facilitated by a secondary handheld device
M Chegini, K Andrews, T Schreck, A Sourin
International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT) 2019 11049, 110490H, 2019
Interaction Concepts for Collaborative Visual Analysis of Scatterplots on Large Vertically-Mounted High-Resolution Multi-Touch Displays
M Chegini, L Shao, DJ Lehmann, K Andrews, T Schreck
Proc. of the 10th Forum Media Technology, 90-96, 2017
mVis in the Wild: Pre-Study of an Interactive Visual Machine Learning System for Labelling
M Chegini, J Bernard, L Shao, A Sourin, K Andrews, T Schreck
Proceeding of IEEE VIS 2019 Workshop on Evaluation of Interactive Visual …, 2019
Integrated Visualization of Structure and Attribute Similarity of Multivariate Graphs
P Berger, M Chegini, H Schumann, C Tominski
Poster at IEEE Conference on Information Visualization (InfoVis), 2018
Eye-Tracking Based Adaptive Parallel Coordinates
M Chegini, K Andrews, T Schreck, A Sourin
SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Posters, 44, 2019
Toward Multimodal Interaction of Scatterplot Spaces Exploration
M Chegini, L Shao, K Andrews, T Schreck
AVI Workshop on Multimodal Interaction for Data Visualization, 2018
VisGIL: machine learning-based visual guidance for interactive labeling
B Grimmeisen, M Chegini, A Theissler
The Visual Computer, 1-23, 2022
The Clutch: Two-Handed Mobile Multi-Touch 3D Object Translation and Manipulation
AAN Shirehjini, M Chegini, S Shirmohammadi
2015 IEEE International Symposium on Haptic, Audio and Visual Environments …, 2015
使用链接可视化, 聚类和主动学习对监督机器学习进行多变量数据集的交互式标记
M Chegini, J Bernard, P Berger, A Sourin, K Andrews, T Schreck
Visual Informatics 3 (1), 9-17, 2019
Visual Analytics for Investigative Analysis
T Absenger, M Chegini, T Ruprechter, H Zöhrer
Survey Reports of Information Visualization Course at Graz University of …, 2017
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