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Validation and Standardization of the Questionnaire for Evaluation of Paraphilic Disorders
C Delcea, C Siserman
Rom J Leg Med 28 (1), 14-20, 2020
Virtopsy–an Alternative to Conventional Autopsy
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Major affective distress in testing forensic paternity
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The reasoning involved in the decision-making process of individuals who have committed murder
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The relationship between emotional distress and neuroticism at the operational personnel of ambulance services
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An observational study on the parameters influencing the duration of forensic medicine expert reports in assessment of inmates’ health status in view of sentence interruption …
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High-throughput toxicological analysis of propofol in human whole blood by LC-MS
L Vlase, DS Popa, C Siserman, D Zaharia
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Evidence of sars-cov-2 virus in the middle ear of deceased covid-19 patients
II Jeican, M Aluaș, M Lazăr, L Barbu-Tudoran, D Gheban, P Inișca, ...
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Respiratory Nasal Mucosa in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps versus COVID-19: Histopathology, Electron Microscopy Analysis and Assessing of Tissue Interleukin-33
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The Comorbidity of Paraphilic Disorders and Rape In Individuals Incarcerated For Sexual Offences
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Association between HLA class II alleles and hepatitis B virus infection in Transylvania, Romania
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Aspects of particulate matter in cigarette smoke and car engines emission fuelled by gasoline observed by scanning electron microscopy
GZ Nicula, ML Vica, D Popa, ST Balici, H Matei, C Siserman
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The Evidence-Based Practice Paradigm Applied to Judicial Psychological Assessment In The Context of Forensic Medicine
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A critical review of the practice of recommended forensic medical examiner in Romania for the last three years
D Perju-Dumbravă, D Bulgaru-Iliescu, C Scripcaru, C Siserman, ...
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Antibacterial activity of propolis extracts from the central region of Romania against neisseria gonorrhoeae
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Emotional distress and coping strategies of health care workers during covid-19 pandemic
M Rus, R Matei, ML Sandu, C Delcea, C Siserman
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The Emotional Impact of Covid-19 On Forensic Staff
C Delcea, C Siserman
Rom J Leg Med [29], 142-146, 2021
The relationship between personality disorders and domestic violence in forensic context
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Juvenile delinquency in light of data recorded at the Institute of Forensic Medicine
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The Advantages of Using Multiplex PCR for the Simultaneous Detection of Six Sexually Transmitted Diseases
ML Vică, HV Matei, CV Siserman
Polym. Chain React. Biomed. Appl, 2016
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