Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
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Natural and synthetic polymers for wounds and burns dressing
GD Mogoșanu, AM Grumezescu
International journal of pharmaceutics 463 (2), 127-136, 2014
Biomedical applications of silver nanoparticles: An up-to-date overview
AC Burdușel, O Gherasim, AM Grumezescu, L Mogoantă, A Ficai, ...
Nanomaterials 8 (9), 681, 2018
Applications and toxicity of silver nanoparticles: a recent review
S Marin, G Mihail Vlasceanu, R Elena Tiplea, I Raluca Bucur, M Lemnaru, ...
Current topics in medicinal chemistry 15 (16), 1596-1604, 2015
Methods of synthesis, properties and biomedical applications of CuO nanoparticles
ME Grigore, ER Biscu, AM Holban, MC Gestal, AM Grumezescu
Pharmaceuticals 9 (4), 75, 2016
Hybrid magnetite nanoparticles/Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil nanobiosystem with antibiofilm activity
C Chifiriuc, V Grumezescu, AM Grumezescu, C Saviuc, V Lazăr, ...
Nanoscale research letters 7 (1), 209, 2012
Biomedical applications of gold nanoparticles
D Cabuzu, A Cirja, R Puiu, A Mihai Grumezescu
Current topics in medicinal chemistry 15 (16), 1605-1613, 2015
Recent trends and methodologies in gold nanoparticle synthesis–A prospective review on drug delivery aspect
M Sengani, AM Grumezescu, VD Rajeswari
OpenNano 2, 37-46, 2017
Treatment strategies for infected wounds
I Negut, V Grumezescu, AM Grumezescu
Molecules 23 (9), 2392, 2018
Synthesis, characterization and in vitro assessment of the magnetic chitosan–carboxymethylcellulose biocomposite interactions with the prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
AM Grumezescu, E Andronescu, A Ficai, C Bleotu, DE Mihaiescu, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 436 (1-2), 771-777, 2012
Water dispersible cross-linked magnetic chitosan beads for increasing the antimicrobial efficiency of aminoglycoside antibiotics
AM Grumezescu, E Andronescu, AM Holban, A Ficai, D Ficai, G Voicu, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 454 (1), 233-240, 2013
Magnetic chitosan for drug targeting and in vitro drug delivery response
AM Grumezescu, C Saviuc, A Holban, R Hristu, C Croitoru, G Stanciu, ...
Biointerface Res. Appl. Chem 1 (5), 160-165, 2011
Inhibitory Activity of/Oleic Acid/Usnic Acid—Core/Shell/Extra-Shell Nanofluid on S. aureus Biofilm Development
AM Grumezescu, C Saviuc, MC Chifiriuc, R Hristu, DE Mihaiescu, ...
IEEE transactions on nanobioscience 10 (4), 269-274, 2011
In vitro methods for the study of microbial biofilms
C Saviuc, AM Grumezescu, MC Chifiriuc, C Bleotu, G Stanciu, R Hristu, ...
Biointerface Res Appl Chem 1 (1), 031-040, 2011
Biohybrid nanostructured iron oxide nanoparticles and Satureja hortensis to prevent fungal biofilm development
I Anghel, AM Grumezescu, AM Holban, A Ficai, AG Anghel, MC Chifiriuc
International journal of molecular sciences 14 (9), 18110-18123, 2013
Hybrid nanostructurated material for biomedical applications
C Saviuc, AM Grumezescu, A Holban, C Chifiriuc, D Mihaiescu, V Lazar
Biointerface Res Appl Chem 1 (2), 064-071, 2011
Phenotypical studies of raw and nanosystem embedded Eugenia carryophyllata buds essential oil antibacterial activity on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus strains
C Saviuc, AM Grumezescu, A Holban, C Bleotu, C Chifiriuc, P Balaure, ...
Biointerface Res Appl Chem 1 (3), 111-118, 2011
Biocompatible Fe3O4 increases the efficacy of amoxicillin delivery against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
AM Grumezescu, MC Gestal, AM Holban, V Grumezescu, BȘ Vasile, ...
Molecules 19 (4), 5013-5027, 2014
Modified wound dressing with phyto-nanostructured coating to prevent staphylococcal and pseudomonal biofilm development
I Anghel, AM Holban, AM Grumezescu, E Andronescu, A Ficai, AG Anghel, ...
Nanoscale research letters 7 (1), 1-8, 2012
Improved antibacterial activity of cephalosporins loaded in magnetic chitosan microspheres
CM Chifiriuc, AM Grumezescu, C Saviuc, C Croitoru, DE Mihaiescu, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 436 (1-2), 201-205, 2012
Functionalized antibiofilm thin coatings based on PLA–PVA microspheres loaded with usnic acid natural compounds fabricated by MAPLE
V Grumezescu, G Socol, AM Grumezescu, AM Holban, A Ficai, R Trușcǎ, ...
Applied Surface Science 302, 262-267, 2014
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