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Richard Chandra
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Lignin valorization: improving lignin processing in the biorefinery
AJ Ragauskas, GT Beckham, MJ Biddy, R Chandra, F Chen, MF Davis, ...
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The isolation, characterization and effect of lignin isolated from steam pretreated Douglas-fir on the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose
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The characterization of pretreated lignocellulosic substrates prior to enzymatic hydrolysis, part 1: a modified Simons' staining technique
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Evaluating the distribution of cellulases and the recycling of free cellulases during the hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrates
M Tu, RP Chandra, JN Saddler
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Lignin valorization: Lignin nanoparticles as high-value bio-additive for multifunctional nanocomposites
D Tian, J Hu, J Bao, RP Chandra, JN Saddler, C Lu
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Recycling cellulases during the hydrolysis of steam exploded and ethanol pretreated lodgepole pine
M Tu, RP Chandra, JN Saddler
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The addition of accessory enzymes enhances the hydrolytic performance of cellulase enzymes at high solid loadings
J Hu, R Chandra, V Arantes, K Gourlay, JS Van Dyk, JN Saddler
Bioresource technology 186, 149-153, 2015
Evaluating laccase-facilitated coupling of phenolic acids to high-yield kraft pulps
RP Chandra, AJ Ragauskas
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Modification of high lignin content kraft pulps with laccase to improve paper strength properties. 1. Laccase treatment in the presence of gallic acid
RP Chandra, LK Lehtonen, AJ Ragauskas
Biotechnology progress 20 (1), 255-261, 2004
Can the same steam pretreatment conditions be used for most softwoods to achieve good, enzymatic hydrolysis and sugar yields?
L Kumar, R Chandra, PA Chung, J Saddler
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Influence of steam pretreatment severity on post‐treatments used to enhance the enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated softwoods at low enzyme loadings
L Kumar, R Chandra, J Saddler
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 108 (10), 2300-2311, 2011
A comparison of various lignin-extraction methods to enhance the accessibility and ease of enzymatic hydrolysis of the cellulosic component of steam-pretreated poplar
D Tian, RP Chandra, JS Lee, C Lu, JN Saddler
Biotechnology for Biofuels 10 (1), 1-10, 2017
Rapid, microscale, acetyl bromide-based method for high-throughput determination of lignin content in Arabidopsis thaliana
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Sustainable production of fuels, chemicals, and fibers from forest biomass …, 2011
Comparison of methods to assess the enzyme accessibility and hydrolysis of pretreated lignocellulosic substrates
RP Chandra, SM Ewanick, PA Chung, K Au-Yeung, LD Rio, W Mabee, ...
Biotechnology letters 31 (8), 1217-1222, 2009
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